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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Wholesale colorful blankets are the perfect touch to guest suites in homes, timeshares, bed and breakfast proprietorships, and for those numerous memory-making sleepovers children host. Beautifully woven and whisper soft 100 percent Egyptian cotton blankets make any overnight or special event a delightful stay.

Homes Away From Home
Layered beneath a spread or folded across the foot of the bed and ready to pull up for a nap, lightweight blankets are practical pretty for year-round comfort. If we happen to also be friends or family with our timeshare partners, what a fun surprise to leave stacks of these where everyone can enjoy them as they come and go. Sweet sixteen sleepovers and camp outs will be a breeze with enough blankets to go around. When we host visitors like foreign exchange students and missionaries, tucking into their belongings a spare blanket we've kept in the linen closet continues to delight them when they return home.

Outdoor Gatherings
Special events and celebrations may find us meeting or taking guests with us to an outdoor concert, fireworks display, or picnicking. Forest campfires or beach bonfires surrounded with laughter and camaraderie can feel chilly in windy weather, but everyone will feel a warm welcome with plenty of blankets.

Colorful Blankets Bring Comfort During Tough Times Too
Not all guests are away from home by choice. They may be staying in hospitals or charity accommodations while caring for a loved one receiving treatment. Imagine how touched they will be to receive a blanket to settle into as they wait bedside. Where disaster wipes out entire communities, caring for people whose difficult circumstances touch us where we live makes them our guests from a distance, and discounts from buying bulk make it affordable to give generously to shelters and relief aid organizations.

The simplicity of solid colors complements any decor or theme. Splashes of brightly colored fabrics are the fluff vivid memories are made of. Patches of pastels bring soothing calm to a tired body and soul. Wholesale colorful blankets let you delight your guests during their stay and continue when they leave should you wish to send one with them.

by: Palmetto Linen