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Friday, January 23, 2015
An incredible number of business owners in the hospitality field have strong opinions about certain amenities. These opinions are formed from guest feedback concerning the way an establishment is managed. Without a doubt, it's the little details which contribute to guest satisfaction.

There is a delicate balance between budgeting, and providing for guest demands. A common item cited in positive hospitality reviews is clean washcloths. There is nothing more off-putting for a guest than to have a shortage of linens. Consequently, abundant linens are the reason for guests returning to an establishment.

The answer is finding a source for wholesale washcloths that fall within budget, satisfy guest requirements, and contribute to the overall ambiance. Washcloths should be afforded to each guest in abundance, yet their quality should allow for effective laundering and reuse. Skimping on fresh and absorbent washcloths is a sure indicator to guests that true hospitality might not be the main goal of business. Wholesale products like fine spun cotton washcloths are one of those little details which communicates appreciation for patronage.

At least three washcloths should be afforded to each guest for every day that they stay. The freedom to stay clean and dry is one of the hallmarks of a popular hotel, or inn. Along with the investment of quality washcloths, soiled laundry compartments should also be provided. It is proven that linens thrown on a floor for pick-up, or strewn about randomly, will have a shorter lifespan than those collected in a convenient hamper. The secret to treating guests well is making them feel at home. Guests should be provided with quality amenities and every opportunity to use them in a considerate manner.

Wholesale linens are purchased in bulk sizes and prices. This allows a business owner to extend more washcloths, and other room features, more generously. Guests appreciate not having to change their personal habits. An abundance of wholesale linens will ensure their comfort. Bulk wholesale linens and washcloths should only cost pennies, and come in cases of 300 hundred or more.

by: Palmetto Linen