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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

A soft but supportive luxury hotel pillow in a home’s master bedroom helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when it is time to sleep at night. Many individuals forget to replace the pillows on their bed every couple of years to provide firm support for the head and neck to avoid aches and pains. Bedding collects a lot of dust and debris that floats through a home or rubs off a sleeper’s body. While most people wash bed linens frequently, it is impossible to wash most pillows without the items becoming lumpy and useless. Because bed pillows are expensive items to purchase, finding a way to order in bulk is essential to save money.

Have Impeccably Clean Bedding

Businesses such as bed-and-breakfasts, medical facilities and hotels also require numerous quality pillows for guests’ rooms. Ordering bedding at an online store that offers free shipping in the continental United States is vital to maintain a hospitality business’s profits. Guests expect impeccably clean bedding that has been sanitized before their arrival. Washable luxury hotel pillows are available that are stuffed with environmentally friendly polyester fiber fill instead of down that causes allergic reactions. With a stylish 100 percent cotton cover, this pillow is perfect for any hospitality business. Not only is it washable, it is simple to place in a clothes dryer to have it ready quickly for new guests.

Order Bedding at Wholesale Prices

Busy homeowners and hospitality business managers need to order large cases of products to save time. Online retailers make it easy to shop for bed pillows by offering cases of 10 in basic sizes suitable for any size mattress. Attractive pillowcases slide easily over the smooth fabric surface of well made pillows, making it easy for housekeepers to prepare a bed for the next guest in either a home or hotel. To maintain local health standards in a business, have many clean pillows ready at all times. In private residences, having a sanitized pillow can prevent having allergic reactions such as stuffy noses or frequent sneezing.

by: Palmetto Linen