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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cotton is no longer king when it comes to sheets. More massage therapists than ever before are choosing to switch over to microfiber massage sheets. These technological wonders have a lot of advantages over traditional cotton massage sheets. Keep reading to discover all the benefits that sheets made from microfiber have to offer massage therapists.

Comfort that Cannot Be Found in Nature
One of the reasons that so many massage therapists are choosing to use microfiber massage sheets is because they offer the most comfort of any fabric. Fabrics that are made from natural materials simply cannot compete with the comfort of microfiber fabrics. The tiny diameter of microfiber means that sheets made from it are incredibly smooth and comfortable.

When massage therapists decide to use microfiber sheets, there clients will love the comfort they provide. One of the keys to giving a great massage is to relax customers from the instant they lie down upon the massage table. When customers lie down on microfiber sheets, they will feel incredible softness. This will instantly transport them into a world of relaxation, getting them in the perfect mental space to enjoy the benefits of the massage.

Lightweight and Affordable
Another reason that so many massage therapists are switching over to microfiber sheets is because they are so lightweight. Saving weight is crucial for massage therapists who travel to their customers, and every ounce of weight they can save is helpful. Microfiber sheets are also much more affordable than cotton or silk sheets of similar quality.

In addition, massage therapists will love how easy it is to clean microfiber sheets. As they well know, the massage process can get pretty messy at times. The clients will sweat all over the sheets, and massage oils will get on them as well. After this happens, it will be a breeze to clean microfiber sheets.

There is a lot to love about microfiber sheets. They are the best option for massage therapists who are looking for the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and value. Massage therapists who switch over to microfiber sheets will be happy they did.

by: Palmetto Linen