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Friday, February 27, 2015
Bed bugs are the epidemic of the century. No bigger than an apple seed, these brown parasites can’t live without blood. Once they latch on and crawl inside of your mattress to set up their homes, there’s no getting rid of them. The mattress is the ideal location for both bed bugs and mites since they are creatures that live off of our blood and dead skin cells respectively. Bed bugs even go so far as to bite us as we sleep, resulting in unsightly morning sores on our legs and arms. Dust mites, on the other hand, are far from ignorable, leading to things like asthma, allergies and eczema.

Stop this menace today with bed bugs covers. Designed to cover mattresses, bed springs and pillows, they fully enclose the bedding, trapping everything inside with a zipper lock that is virtually impenetrable by the tiny invaders. Once in place, the bed bugs and mites on the inside are trapped, unable to get out, resulting in starvation and death. If you don’t have any, the bed bugs covers serve as a second layer of defense by keeping them from gaining entry at all and preventing any further infestation. Remember, though, that even if the bites stop, the bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding so keep the covers on for at least that long.

Each and every cover is independently tested and certified in a lab to verify and guarantee its effectiveness in preventing bed bugs from either digging into your mattress and setting up their home or escaping and attacking you from the outside. Don’t let these tiny parasites take over your home. Keep it protected through secure coverings. Along with daily cleaning and eliminating all areas they could hide, covers for every part of the bed are a necessary part of completely eliminating bed bug occupation.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Easy to Launder Pillows

Guests staying overnight at bed-and-breakfasts or motels are demanding fully sanitized bedding, including bed pillows to avoid contracting illnesses. Despite having a clean pillowcase, pathogens and insects can travel through the materials from a pillow’s fabric surface. Finding washable hotel pillows is easiest at an online retailer specializing in selling wholesale bedding to hospitality industries or medical facilities. A down alternative pillow offers an excellent value for business managers needing to save money on large quantities of quality bedding for their establishment. Available in cases of 10 in a standard size suitable for any mattress or pillowcase, the pillows contain environmentally friendly polyester fiberfill instead of bird feathers that cause allergic reactions.

Soft but Durable Fiberfill

These high quality pillows are covered with a sturdy microfiber fabric that dries quickly after the items are washed to avoid mildew odor or discolorations. The standard size pillows contain just the right amount of polyester fiberfill to provide support for the head and neck of a guest but are still soft and comfortable. Most importantly, the fiberfill is made to wash without developing hard lumps that make many laundered pillows unusable. Offered at an affordable price, the microfiber covered pillow in plain white is stain resistant but soft to use. The polyester fiberfill inside the pillow cover is made of 100 percent recycled fiber that washes and dries easily, remaining in excellent condition throughout many laundering cycles.

Available at Affordable Prices

Washable hotel pillows are now an essential bedding item for any business that caters to overnight guests wanting to avoid germs and bacteria. Because many pillows are made with fillers that do not launder nicely, especially at high temperatures necessary to destroy pathogens, finding the items online at affordable prices is necessary to maintain a business’s profits. Fortunately, business managers can find low-cost but luxurious pillows at an online store that ships products across the continental United States for free. By ordering pillows online in bulk quantities, a business manager is able to save time and money while still having the bedding needed for their establishment. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Order Soft and Warm Blankets

With cold winter temperatures across most of the United States, many businesses and families need large quantities of polar fleece blankets to stay warm. Made of soft but insulating fibers, these blankets offer an excellent value because the items are easy to care for with machine washing and drying. Made of 100 percent durable polyethylene terephthalate, the blanket’s materials do not cause uncomfortable allergic reactions such as itching and rashes that are caused by wool fibers. This variety of fabric provides warmth even when it is wet, making it suitable for a baby’s crib or toddler’s bed. Due to the nature of the insulating fibers, the blankets are warm even though the items are lightweight.

Easy to Order Online

The synthetic fibers are nonflammable, making the material appropriate for use on beds in places such as medical facilities or hotels that require this safety feature. Finding cases of blankets in a variety of decorative colors such as blue, sage, ivory or tan makes it simple for business managers to order these items from an online store. Available in twin-size suitable for beds in hospitals or rehabilitation centers, customers can order boxes containing four polar fleece blankets. For a motel or bed-and-breakfast, ordering queen-size blankets in quantities of four per case is a good plan for larger mattress sizes.

Suitable for Use Year-Round

Whatever color or size of blanket chosen, the products ship quickly for free throughout the continental United States. Ordering at wholesale prices is an excellent way to save money on essential bedding needed for the hospitality industry or anyone needing a lot of blankets in a home. These blankets are designed for year-round use in any season by using just one in the spring or all four to stay warm throughout the winter. Customers can wash and dry these blankets frequently at high temperatures to destroy pathogens as required by local health laws. Shopping online is convenient because the items are shipped directly to any address a customer selects, saving time and making it easier to have new bedding quickly. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Easy to Launder Linens

Ordering large quantities of wholesale white bed sheets is fast at an online store with helpful salespeople available to answer questions concerning products. Hospitality industries and medical facilities require many types of linen in order to change bedding between patients or guests. Linens made of sturdy but soft fabric in plain white are the best for facilities that must launder the items frequently in hot water to destroy pathogens such as germs or insects. With more complaints from guests and patients about contamination from bedbugs or scabies, establishments that have numerous beds must meet local health codes by using hot temperatures to wash and dry linens.

Available in Different Sizes

Medical facilities such as hospitals and hospitality industries such as hotels want to have luxurious but inexpensive flat or fitted sheets to provide comfort for patients or guests. New microfiber fabrics are designed to dry quickly in commercial dryers to allow employees to change linens as fast as possible between overnight stays by guests or patients. Alternatively, business owners may prefer to buy percale sheets made of fabric that is resistant to wrinkling to provide a lovely décor on a bed. Available in a variety of sizes for any type of mattress in a hotel, bed-and-breakfast or nursing home, the fitted sheets are specially made to fit modern thick mattresses without slipping off.

Linens with Free Shipping

Wholesale white bed sheets sold in bulk cases of 24 are also fantastic for large families that require numerous linens. Offered at low prices per item, the linens from online stores are shipped for free throughout the continental United States to any address a customer selects. Because white sheets look similar, manufacturers have attached easy to read labels showing the size of the item, making it simpler to change linens in a hurry. Pure white linens look nice in any décor in a home or business to create an attractive room for family members, patients or guests. Ordering in bulk from an online store that sells bedding made of microfiber or cotton blends is an affordable option for customers. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Order Utensils in Bulk from an Online Store

Businesses in the hospitality industry such as bed-and-breakfasts, hotels and restaurants require a wide assortment of wholesale kitchen gadgets to prepare meals for guests. Local health regulations for businesses that serve food are that utensils are washed frequently to remove debris. Some of the utensils needed in commercial kitchens are peelers to prepare potatoes, carrots and zucchini for meals or wire whisks for mixing cake batters. By ordering food preparation utensils in bulk, business owners also save time when shopping. 

Low Prices on Cooking Utensils

A chef in a commercial kitchen must have many cooking utensils to prevent cross-contamination between customer’s orders. Items such as large spoons with or without slots make it easy for a chef to stir and serve food to guests in a restaurant. Made with sturdy materials such as stainless steel, the spoons are designed to last for many years without degrading or rusting in hot water temperatures inside commercial dishwashers. The durable structure of well manufactured cooking utensils is vital to prepare meals efficiently in large or small commercial kitchens by busy chefs cooking meals in fast-paced environments. With low prices from a reliable online store, ordering cooking utensils in bulk is simple for any business owner.

Can Openers and Pizza Cutters

Someone operating a busy pizza parlor needs to make food products quickly to keep their customers satisfied. This means having the ability to prepare ingredients fast to make delicious pizzas. With wholesale kitchen gadgets that include wheel style pizza cutters, chefs can slice products fast to serve hot food to customers. Meanwhile, in the pizza parlor’s kitchen, other food preparation workers are grating fresh mozzarella with easy to hold cheese graters made of rust resistant stainless steel. At the same time, other employees are opening cans of tomato sauce for the pizzas with dishwasher safe stainless steel can openers that were also ordered at bulk prices.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, February 6, 2015
Striped duvet covers can make comfortable and lovely additions to bedding. People who have duvets can rely on covers to keep their quilts in good condition. Covers can also add an element of charm to bedding. Duvet covers with inconspicuous pale white stripes are often available for wholesale purchase. Hotels and medical centers such as hospitals might benefit greatly from these covers. Although these covers are indeed pleasant looking and elegant, they don't draw a lot of attention.

Striped duvet covers that are made out of cotton and polyester blends can be very sturdy and long lasting. Blends of 55 percent cotton and 45 percent polyester are often suitable. This type of blend has ample cotton and at the same time is full of strength and softness. Duvet covers with thread counts of 250 are often appropriate for encouraging comfort and relaxation.

Shoppers should make sure that any duvet covers they purchase are the correct size. If they don't do this, they could potentially buy covers that are too large or too small for their duvet inserts. It's crucial for shoppers to assess the cover size specifications beforehand. Twin, queen and king size duvet covers are all available. The twin covers are the smallest and the king covers are the biggest. The queen covers are somewhere in the middle of the twin and king sizes.

Assessing the patterns of duvet covers is also a smart idea. As indicated previously, duvet covers with pale white striped patterns are often inviting and minimalistic. White satin striping (tone on tone style) is popular in duvet covers.

People looking for duvet covers can generally find them easily via Internet stores. Many stores sell them wholesale, which is convenient for purchases of extremely large quantities.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Protect Tabletops

Anyone operating a restaurant or bed-and-breakfast requires beautiful table settings with attractive chinaware and drinking glasses. Underneath these items, gorgeous faux leather placemats are essential to prevent scratched tabletop surfaces. Finding table linens is easy at online stores that specialize in selling products to the hospitality industry. Ordering a business’s supplies in bulk at wholesale prices is an important way for managers to save time and money. Rich and supple leather is also a great statement in a room’s décor but is too expensive and difficult to care for daily. This is why it is important to order cases of 36 mats made of vinyl that has a leatherette quality.

Durable Material

Imagine how beautiful a table will look with deep chocolate brown or ebony black mats that look as though the items were woven from strips of real leather. Despite the gorgeous appearance, the mats are simple to wash between guests to provide a clean surface for serving meals. The employees in the bed-and-breakfast or restaurant can clean these durable mats with a damp sponge rather than spend hours sanitizing real leather products. In addition, the mats are large enough to hold an assortment of dishes and glassware, including bread plates, wine glasses and soup bowls. Designed to protect the surfaces of wooden tables from the damage of water rings, these mats offer an excellent value to businesses.


Large food serving businesses require numerous inexpensive products such as faux leather placemats that are shipping for free throughout the continental United States. The ebony black or chocolate brown colors complement many decors such as wood grain furniture and wall paneling. No matter whether the mats are used alone or on top of tablecloths, the linens provide a rich appearance that is suitable for any type of eating establishment.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Whether you own a home or run a hotel, bath rugs are one item that are constantly in need of replacement. Daily foot traffic can cause extensive wear and tear, and sitting water on the bathroom floor can damage your rugs beyond repair. Wholesale bath rugs can help you keep a cleaner bathroom by replacing your rugs on a consistent basis. 

What Type of Bath Rug is Best?

There are a variety of different bath rugs available at wholesale prices online. The most durable are made from a microfiber material. 

Consumers prefer microfiber rugs because they have the soft feeling of cotton yet are long lasting and durable. Microfiber rugs are easily cleaned by simply putting them in the washing machine with your other household rugs. Microfiber rugs also come with a thin latex backing that helps prevent them from slipping around on your bathroom floor. 

Where Should I Buy Wholesale Bath Rugs?

There are a variety of outlets and providers that sell bath rugs at low prices. Use the following tips to help you decide where you should purchase your bath rugs:

Prices - How much are you paying for the rugs? Wholesalers should offer large discounts for bulk item buys.
Shipping costs - How much is the seller charging for shipping? If your spending a significant amount of money on bath rugs, the seller should provide standard shipping free of charge.
Quality - The quality of rugs you choose should be very high. Microfiber rugs are very durable yet comfortable when stood on. Cotton rugs might be less expensive but they won't last as long as those made from microfiber.
Source - Where are the rugs coming from? Make sure you know the source of the rugs. Bath rugs that are manufactured overseas will take much longer to arrive than those made in the United States.

Always make sure the seller you use is reputable. If you are purchasing bath rugs for a hotel or similar type of business, ask the seller personally if you'll be able to receive discounts for being a repeat customer in the future.

by: Palmetto Linen