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Sunday, February 1, 2015
Whether you own a home or run a hotel, bath rugs are one item that are constantly in need of replacement. Daily foot traffic can cause extensive wear and tear, and sitting water on the bathroom floor can damage your rugs beyond repair. Wholesale bath rugs can help you keep a cleaner bathroom by replacing your rugs on a consistent basis. 

What Type of Bath Rug is Best?

There are a variety of different bath rugs available at wholesale prices online. The most durable are made from a microfiber material. 

Consumers prefer microfiber rugs because they have the soft feeling of cotton yet are long lasting and durable. Microfiber rugs are easily cleaned by simply putting them in the washing machine with your other household rugs. Microfiber rugs also come with a thin latex backing that helps prevent them from slipping around on your bathroom floor. 

Where Should I Buy Wholesale Bath Rugs?

There are a variety of outlets and providers that sell bath rugs at low prices. Use the following tips to help you decide where you should purchase your bath rugs:

Prices - How much are you paying for the rugs? Wholesalers should offer large discounts for bulk item buys.
Shipping costs - How much is the seller charging for shipping? If your spending a significant amount of money on bath rugs, the seller should provide standard shipping free of charge.
Quality - The quality of rugs you choose should be very high. Microfiber rugs are very durable yet comfortable when stood on. Cotton rugs might be less expensive but they won't last as long as those made from microfiber.
Source - Where are the rugs coming from? Make sure you know the source of the rugs. Bath rugs that are manufactured overseas will take much longer to arrive than those made in the United States.

Always make sure the seller you use is reputable. If you are purchasing bath rugs for a hotel or similar type of business, ask the seller personally if you'll be able to receive discounts for being a repeat customer in the future.

by: Palmetto Linen