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Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Protect Tabletops

Anyone operating a restaurant or bed-and-breakfast requires beautiful table settings with attractive chinaware and drinking glasses. Underneath these items, gorgeous faux leather placemats are essential to prevent scratched tabletop surfaces. Finding table linens is easy at online stores that specialize in selling products to the hospitality industry. Ordering a business’s supplies in bulk at wholesale prices is an important way for managers to save time and money. Rich and supple leather is also a great statement in a room’s décor but is too expensive and difficult to care for daily. This is why it is important to order cases of 36 mats made of vinyl that has a leatherette quality.

Durable Material

Imagine how beautiful a table will look with deep chocolate brown or ebony black mats that look as though the items were woven from strips of real leather. Despite the gorgeous appearance, the mats are simple to wash between guests to provide a clean surface for serving meals. The employees in the bed-and-breakfast or restaurant can clean these durable mats with a damp sponge rather than spend hours sanitizing real leather products. In addition, the mats are large enough to hold an assortment of dishes and glassware, including bread plates, wine glasses and soup bowls. Designed to protect the surfaces of wooden tables from the damage of water rings, these mats offer an excellent value to businesses.


Large food serving businesses require numerous inexpensive products such as faux leather placemats that are shipping for free throughout the continental United States. The ebony black or chocolate brown colors complement many decors such as wood grain furniture and wall paneling. No matter whether the mats are used alone or on top of tablecloths, the linens provide a rich appearance that is suitable for any type of eating establishment.

by: Palmetto Linen