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Thursday, February 26, 2015
Easy to Launder Pillows

Guests staying overnight at bed-and-breakfasts or motels are demanding fully sanitized bedding, including bed pillows to avoid contracting illnesses. Despite having a clean pillowcase, pathogens and insects can travel through the materials from a pillow’s fabric surface. Finding washable hotel pillows is easiest at an online retailer specializing in selling wholesale bedding to hospitality industries or medical facilities. A down alternative pillow offers an excellent value for business managers needing to save money on large quantities of quality bedding for their establishment. Available in cases of 10 in a standard size suitable for any mattress or pillowcase, the pillows contain environmentally friendly polyester fiberfill instead of bird feathers that cause allergic reactions.

Soft but Durable Fiberfill

These high quality pillows are covered with a sturdy microfiber fabric that dries quickly after the items are washed to avoid mildew odor or discolorations. The standard size pillows contain just the right amount of polyester fiberfill to provide support for the head and neck of a guest but are still soft and comfortable. Most importantly, the fiberfill is made to wash without developing hard lumps that make many laundered pillows unusable. Offered at an affordable price, the microfiber covered pillow in plain white is stain resistant but soft to use. The polyester fiberfill inside the pillow cover is made of 100 percent recycled fiber that washes and dries easily, remaining in excellent condition throughout many laundering cycles.

Available at Affordable Prices

Washable hotel pillows are now an essential bedding item for any business that caters to overnight guests wanting to avoid germs and bacteria. Because many pillows are made with fillers that do not launder nicely, especially at high temperatures necessary to destroy pathogens, finding the items online at affordable prices is necessary to maintain a business’s profits. Fortunately, business managers can find low-cost but luxurious pillows at an online store that ships products across the continental United States for free. By ordering pillows online in bulk quantities, a business manager is able to save time and money while still having the bedding needed for their establishment. 

by: Palmetto Linen