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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Prevent Hot Metal

Commercial laundry facilities must press numerous linens and draperies each day to keep the fabric items free of creases and wrinkles. Wholesale ironing board covers sold in bulk cases of 54 makes it easy to replace worn pad and cover sets. Having a pad and cover on an ironing board is essential to prevent heating the metal surface to avoid burn injuries on an employee’s hands. A cover on an ironing board is made of heat resistant fabric that is difficult to set on fire. The underlying pad of the ironing board cover helps employees to press many items a day without developing repetitive injuries to their hands and wrists.

Easy Fit Features

Business managers on strict budgets can order value priced ironing board covers that are resistant to stains, have tight locking drawstring cords and deep nose pockets. Made to fit full-size ironing boards, these covers are easy to attach with pull strings. For customers wanting an ironing board cover that is higher quality, an easy fit design is also available from an online store that offers free shipping within the continental United States. This cover and pad set is upgraded with thicker material that is treated with an aluminum coating to prevent stain and scorch marks. In addition, this cover has a deeper nose pocket and elastic edges to keep it in place while ironing.

Order in Bulk

With two varieties of wholesale ironing board covers to choose from, business managers in medical facilities or hospitality industries must determine if they require one for light or moderate use. Having an ironing board cover is essential in laundry businesses to help prevent damage to fabrics from scorch or burn marks. Not only can the covers help to protect fabrics, the devices can help with avoiding fires caused by fabrics burning. Employees ironing items find it easier to press fabrics without creating wrinkles and creases due to the soft underlying padding of the covers. Keeping a supply of bulk ordered ironing board covers in a supply room makes it easy to change these items at anytime.

by: Palmetto Linen