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Saturday, February 14, 2015
Easy to Launder Linens

Ordering large quantities of wholesale white bed sheets is fast at an online store with helpful salespeople available to answer questions concerning products. Hospitality industries and medical facilities require many types of linen in order to change bedding between patients or guests. Linens made of sturdy but soft fabric in plain white are the best for facilities that must launder the items frequently in hot water to destroy pathogens such as germs or insects. With more complaints from guests and patients about contamination from bedbugs or scabies, establishments that have numerous beds must meet local health codes by using hot temperatures to wash and dry linens.

Available in Different Sizes

Medical facilities such as hospitals and hospitality industries such as hotels want to have luxurious but inexpensive flat or fitted sheets to provide comfort for patients or guests. New microfiber fabrics are designed to dry quickly in commercial dryers to allow employees to change linens as fast as possible between overnight stays by guests or patients. Alternatively, business owners may prefer to buy percale sheets made of fabric that is resistant to wrinkling to provide a lovely décor on a bed. Available in a variety of sizes for any type of mattress in a hotel, bed-and-breakfast or nursing home, the fitted sheets are specially made to fit modern thick mattresses without slipping off.

Linens with Free Shipping

Wholesale white bed sheets sold in bulk cases of 24 are also fantastic for large families that require numerous linens. Offered at low prices per item, the linens from online stores are shipped for free throughout the continental United States to any address a customer selects. Because white sheets look similar, manufacturers have attached easy to read labels showing the size of the item, making it simpler to change linens in a hurry. Pure white linens look nice in any décor in a home or business to create an attractive room for family members, patients or guests. Ordering in bulk from an online store that sells bedding made of microfiber or cotton blends is an affordable option for customers. 

by: Palmetto Linen