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Sunday, March 29, 2015
Massage sheets are critical for a good experience in a day spa or other location. They increase the comfort of the client and make it easier to maintain the table underneath. Massage sheets come in many materials although microfiber is superior to most others. It is helpful to know the three best benefits of microfiber massage sheets.

Stain Resistance

One of the first benefits of massage sheets made from microfiber is that they are highly stain resistant. This is important with massage sheets because anything from the lotions being used to a spilled drink could stain sheets made from other materials. The tight weaving used to create these massage sheets makes it difficult for staining agents to seep inside and do any permanent damage. This will keep the sheets looking bright and new for a long time so that it becomes unnecessary to constantly order more to replenish the inventory.

Long Lasting and Durable

Another benefit of microfiber massage sheets is that they are very durable. The way the material is woven together gives the sheets exceptional strength and resistance to tearing. The sheets are able to withstand daily use without coming apart. This is important with massage sheets since they are going to endure more potential abuse than normal bed sheets. No one wants to see a sheet that is unattractive or that tears for no reason during a massage session with a client. Microfiber sheets will last for years because they are so durable when compared to other materials.

Easy to Wash and Dry

A final benefit of massage sheets made from microfiber is that they are incredibly easy to wash and dry. This is important because many of the sheets will need to be laundered on a daily basis. The last thing anyone wants is a massage sheet that needs to be treated differently from all other sheets and towels in an establishment. The massage sheets can be washed and dried in normal machines. An added benefit is that microfiber sheets will dry much faster than other materials. This makes it easier to get the sheets clean and back into use fast so there is no problem meeting the demand for massages from clients.

by: Palmetto Linen