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Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Cotton Blankets are Durable

Heavy cotton blankets can last for years. The microfiber blankets are durable, soft and anti-pill alta fleece. The fabric is double stitched to ensure durability and enriched enjoyment at sleep time. The packs come in a variety of colors such as tan, blue, silver, navy, ivory, white, and gray.

Each pack of the beautifully colored cotton blankets is made from licensed organic cotton. The certification process ensures that the blankets are chemical and pesticide free, and are ideal for people with allergies. The uniquely soft cotton helps to create a safe sleeping environment.

Cotton Blankets Do Not Shed

An ideal cotton blanket is warm and never sheds. The products do not wear out, and users can even machine wash them. If people want bedroom accessories whose materials never stick on overnight clothes, cotton blankets will do perfectly well. If washing is needed for cotton blankets, the users are sure that their bedroom assets will not fray. Cotton blankets never show signs of damage even after being repeatedly used.

Cozy Hospitality of Cotton Blankets

Heavy cotton blankets may also be called heavy weight blankets. Such blankets are made from 100 percent cotton. It would be perfect to sleep under the heavy weight blankets during cold seasons. Cotton blankets are sometimes used to smarten up beds because they do have beautiful patterns. Apart from keeping the cold away in a cold night, people can also lay the fabric on sofas as decorative home decor. The sitting area looks appealing when sofas are covered with the cotton blanket. It is possible to choose full, twin, king or queen size of cotton blankets. Guests houses like the cotton blankets very much- as they provide cozy hospitality to people who are sleeping over.

Cotton blankets are not used only in bedrooms. There are people who love cotton blankets for use in cars, or at foots of beds. Some buyers of the cotton fabrics just want to wrap themselves in attires that provide extra warmth as they watch a movie at home. Individuals and families looking for healthy and pure bedroom accessories can always rely on great organic cotton blankets.

by: Palmetto Linen