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Thursday, April 23, 2015
Every bed needs pillows. The only two options are to buy the pillows individually or to order them in bulk through a wholesale distributor. The best option in nearly every situation is to order the pillows by the case. It will help to know the benefits of buying wholesale pillows.

Consistency across All Rooms

Consistency is something that can make any home, hotel or other establishment seem more professional. It is not helpful to have all different types of pillows on various beds. Ordering pillows wholesale will provide a consistent experience regardless of what bed is being used. An added bonus is that buying pillows in bulk means that they are all the same size and can use the same size cases. This makes it much easier to purchase and manage bedding.

Always Have Extra Pillows On Hand

There might be times when a pillow needs to be replaced or a guest requests an additional pillow. If there are no extra pillows around, then things could become very uncomfortable or unprofessional. Buying wholesale pillows means that there will always be more on hand than needed. This makes it simple to replace a damaged or worn pillow with a new one. It also provides more flexibility to meet the needs of guests who want more pillows or who request cots in the room for children.

Save Money

The reality is that buying pillows individually through a typical retail store can be incredibly expensive. Although it might seem economical just to purchase one pillow at a time whenever needed, this will quickly inflate the budget especially when managing a large number of beds. Ordering pillows wholesale is always going to be much less expensive. It is possible to get free shipping and other discounts when the pillows are ordered by the case instead of individually.

Make Rotating Pillows Easier

All pillows will need to be removed from the beds for cleaning and then replaced with another. Rotating the pillows can be problematic if there are not enough to go around. This means there could be beds without any pillows for an entire day while everything is being cleaned. Ordering pillows wholesale will ensure that rotating pillows on a daily or weekly basis is as easy as possible.

by: Palmetto Linen