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Thursday, April 16, 2015
Bed skirts add a professional look to any room. Buying the skirts wholesale makes it possible to elevate any series of rooms to make them feel more welcoming. Not all bed skirts are the same. It is important to know how to choose the right wholesale bed skirts.


The color and texture should be the first things to consider when choosing bed skirts. The wholesale nature of the bed skirts means that it is important to choose the most flexible color possible for every bed. This is why it is normally best to choose a neutral color or a color the complements the common tones across multiple rooms. Choosing too bold of a color will potentially make the skirts very unattractive in rooms with more muted tones.

Fabric Type

The next consideration should be the fabric type. Some bed skirts are made with thin or inferior materials. The thing to look for is a bed skirt made from microfiber fabrics. Microfiber skirts are much more attractive and durable than other materials. They can resist some staining and do not tear easily. Microfiber bed skirts are the best choice since they will last for a long time while retaining an attractive appearance.


The purpose of a bed skirt is to complete the overall look of the bedding and create a professional looking room. The most prominent parts of all the bedding should be the comforter, pillows and scarves on the mattress. Overly complex bed skirts that have embroidery or lace can actually take away from the rest of the bedding and draw attention to the floor. Look for bed skirts that have a simple design with flat panels and a basic pleat along the corners. This will provide the most appropriate appearance regardless of the bedding on top.

Maintenance Needs

A final thing to look for is what it takes to maintain the skirts. Choose wholesale bed skirts that can be cleaned in normal washing machines and dryers. Avoid skirts that require dry cleaning or other special techniques. Bed skirts with simple maintenance needs will make it easier to keep the bedding clean so that it can be reused immediately as necessary.

by: Palmetto Linen