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Monday, April 20, 2015
Measure Ironing Boards to Order Covers

Business managers responsible for ordering replacement wholesale ironing board covers should prepare ahead of time with a few quick facts such as the size and fabric needed. Ironing boards are made in a variety of sizes with differences in width and length. The best way to buy a cover and underlying pad is by using a measuring tape to order the correct size. Write the three measurements on paper to avoid forgetting the information when placing an order.

Select Covers with Adjustable Drawstrings

Fortunately, most ironing board covers are slightly adjustable with heavy thread drawstrings to assist with fitting the item with the device to avoid it slipping off during the pressing process. A quality ironing board cover will have a deep pocket at the narrow end to hold the cushioning pad and cover on the ironing board. In addition, look at the color of the ironing board to assist in ordering a complementary cover that matches the laundry room’s décor.

Is Dry or Steam Heat Used? 

When a business manager is not familiar with the types of irons used in a laundry room, they should talk to employees about whether steam or dry heat is used to press fabrics. The employees engaged in the daily ironing process can provide information concerning the type of ironing board cover needed to make linens, draperies or clothing look its best. In addition, employees understand that well-made ironing board covers help to prevent stress injuries to their hands, wrists and arms.

Choose Cotton or Dacron Fabric

Ironing board covers are often made of 100 percent cotton to dry quickly after a steam iron is used. However, many commercial laundry rooms prefer a Dacron material that is treated with properties that resist fire and heat as an important safety measure. Ironing board covers made of fabrics that resist heat and flames are typically a silver color with a smooth finish that makes it easy to push an iron. With a smooth finished ironing board cover and a soft pad, laundry room employees can complete their job efficiently.

by: Palmetto Linen