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Saturday, May 9, 2015
Purchasing wholesale kitchen towels and potholders can be helpful for many different types of businesses. Many dining establishments, hotels, care facilities and hospitals make these types of purchases regularly.

People who are looking to buy wholesale kitchen towels and potholders should focus heavily on quality and durability. Kitchen linens are at their most effective when they can stay smooth after they're used. Not only is it important for these linens to stay smooth and soft in texture, but it's also important for them to be highly absorbent. Kitchen towels come into contact with a lot of water on a daily basis.

Wholesale kitchen towels are often made out of pure cotton. Pure cotton towels are notable for their strength, durability, and smooth feels. People who are buying wholesale kitchen towels for their businesses should carefully consider how the products look. Many people appreciate popcorn terry weave designs, although there are many diverse choices available. Kitchen towels are often manufactured in earthy colors such as taupe (dark tan) and chocolate brown.

Potholders are also commonly made out of pure cotton. They frequently feature memorable designs such as diagonal stitching. Like wholesale kitchen towels, wholesale potholders are usually made in taupe and chocolate brown colors. They generally are square in shape.

If a professional from a business is looking to buy kitchen towels and potholders in bulk, he should take specific amounts into consideration. For example, wholesale kitchen towels are often available for sale in cases that are made up of 96 individual items. That means that the individual kitchen towels cost $1.55. On the other hand, wholesale potholders are also often available for sale in cases of 96 total. This means that the individual potholders cost slightly less than the kitchen towels at $1.50.

by: Palmetto Linen