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Thursday, May 21, 2015
Any business owner who handles bedding knows that clients expect everything to be clean and in good repair. Nothing will make them question the quality and cleanliness of an establishment like frayed, stained, or thinning sheets. The successful hotelier or massage therapist will find bulk sheet sets that stand up to constant use and washing while still looking fresh time after time.

Microfiber is an excellent choice. It gives the soft touch and feel of a luxury sheet at an affordable price. More importantly, they remain fresh after years of use. The fabric is naturally less susceptible to wrinkles, and it dries much faster than cotton.

As the name implies, the threads that make up microfiber cloth are very small. They would be difficult to count, so instead of thread count, microfiber is graded by gram weight or GSM. Once woven it is thoroughly brushed twice to soften the cloth and allow it to breathe.

Some people still prefer cotton. It is proven to be sturdy and comfortable. Linens should consist of at least 150 thread count. Sheets with 200 or 250 thread count will be noticeably softer and more durable, but they also cost much more. It is possible to find cotton that is "crease resist finished" to prevent wrinkles and eliminate the need for ironing.

Many customers appreciate "green" products such as Eco-Smart linen. Filling is created from polyester fiber that has been spun from recycled plastic bottles. Using Eco-Smart pillows can increase a business's environmental profile and keep more trash out of landfills.

Besides material, there are many features that will make working with the sheets much easier. Everything looks the same in the wash. It can be hard to distinguish between different sizes off sheets, and working it all out can waste time. It helps to find sheets that have the size and other information listed on large labels.

Price is an important part of any purchasing decision, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor. When choosing bulk sheets, it is important to consider quality, material, and design as well.

by: Palmetto Linen