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Saturday, May 16, 2015
Order Favorite Linens

Finding favorite wholesale bed sheets is easy at an online store that offers items in bulk with free shipping. Linens made of pure white material in cotton or cotton and polyester blend is always popular for medical facilities or hotels. White fabric is easy to launder in hot water with bleach to remove stains and destroy pathogens. Maids and cleaning staff can change linens quickly without needing to worry about finding matching colors. The traditional favorite flat and fitted sheets are made of percale in sizes to fit different mattresses. Each sheet is labeled with its size, making it simple to find the one needed to change bedding at any time of the day or night.

Microfiber or Cotton

Today, consumers can also choose microfiber linens that are soft and comfortable against the skin. Sheets made of microfiber wash and dry with few wrinkles that require ironing. With the cost of cotton increasing, many businesses want to save money with these favorite sheets that have a lower price point but still look luxurious. Fitted and flat sheets are sold in cases of 24 each, making it easy for business managers to place an order to receive free shipping within the continental United States. A fitted microfiber sheet has elastic around all of its sides to ensure it remains on a mattress throughout the night.

Different Price Points

Customers can order basic microfiber sheets at a low price or opt to spend slightly more on luxury microfiber sheets. For medical establishments needing extremely soft wholesale bed sheets to protect patient’s delicate skin, it is possible to order linens with a 40 percent polyester and 60 percent cotton blend fabric that is treated with a crease-resistant finish to prevent wrinkling. Businesses on a budget can opt to purchase linens with a lower thread count that are more affordable. Whatever type of linens chosen, customers receive quality products that are durable and easy to wash and dry. Choosing bulk linens means that products are delivered at one time, making it simpler to receive a package at any business address selected.

by: Palmetto Linen