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Tuesday, June 9, 2015
When people stay at a hotel or motel, they expect a certain quality, especially when it comes to the bedding. People not only want to sleep on clean bedding, they expect it to be decent quality and provide them comfort when traveling. For this reason, there are many factors to consider when you are purchasing wholesale hotel bedding. Make the wrong purchase and your patrons are going to let you know about it.

Your first consideration in hotel bedding should be protection from bed bugs. It is very easy for them to be carried into your hotel and the last thing you want is for them to get into your mattresses which could be quite costly to replace. Instead, put purchasing bed proof protective mattress covers at the top of your priority list. It will save you money in the end.

Comfort and Maintenance
It is also important to think about the comfort of the bedding as well as how easy it will be to maintain. Sheets are available with CRF, otherwise known as a crease resistant finish. This means that your hotel will have less cost when it comes to ironing the wrinkles out of the sheets. This simple and effective solution also makes for more comfortable bedding for your guests.

The appearance of the hotel bedding you choose must also be considered. You want something that speaks to your guests and provides them with both comfort and warmth. From comforter sets and duvet covers to blankets and coverlets, you want them to portray your hotel as one of style and quality. However, choosing those that are easy to maintain must also play a factor as the maintenance and cleaning costs will affect your profit margin.

When considering the purchase of wholesale hotel bedding, the cost will always play a factor. However, if you consider the above factors, as well, you will realize that by spending just a little more on quality, you can save in the end. You will also find that your guests are happier, which will mean they will always return and recommend your hotel to others.

by: Palmetto Linen