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Thursday, June 18, 2015
From owning a small motel to using and abusing massive amounts of pillows at home, everyone has a need to purchase pillows bulk online. Pillows that aren't made from high-quality Eco-Smart materials often break down much faster because they weren't built in a durable manner.

Skip the long lines at your local linen and bedding wholesaler and shop online for all of your soft and Eco-friendly pillow needs.

Buying Your Pillows: Double Check the Brand and the Material

The pillows you plan on buying will likely be used by hundreds of people, if not more, over the next several years. Your pillows must stand the test of time, and the right material combined with a brand everyone can trust for the best pillow.

The Material:

From cotton, satin, polyester and more, there are many different materials for someone to choose from. While all three materials are soft, the ClearFresh Eco-Smart pillows are the best pillows you can buy.

Not only is the material comfortable, but Eco-Smart pillows are made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Because the recycled bottles were processed into the highest quality of fiberfill, the material can be used in a nontraditional format.


While nearly every pillow can be thrown into the washer and dryer, Eco-Smart pillows come out of the dryer looking and feeling as good as new. You can use the pillow over and over again without having to worry about its original shape.

Pillows for Great Prices

Pillows can cost between $1 and $100 or more depending on where you buy the pillow from. Those who buy pillows bulk online can enjoy pillows for less than $6 a piece if buying separately, or for less than $75 if buying in bulk.

Buying Pillows Online: How to Do It?

The best way to buy pillows online is to measure your current pillow, view pillows that you think you'll want to buy, and determine which fit your needs. Are you looking for very plush pillows? Or are you looking for a bargain option to use in rooms that are used less often?

by: Palmetto Linen