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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Luxury microfiber sheets offer sumptuous comfort and provide the ultimate sleep experience. More breathable than cotton, microfiber sheets are super soft and very smooth to the touch. Caution: knowing these sheets are awaiting on the bed creates a sense of urgency for night-time or nap-time.

Breathable yet light enough to handle summer's heat, these luxury microfiber sheets are bedding's warm weather favorites. Add a cozy blanket and comforter, these sheets transition along with the seasons to offer a comfortably warm winter nights sleep.

Microfiber sheets are very durable and wear exceptionally well. They are pill resistant and machine washable (do not use bleach or fabric softener) for simple and easy care. Microfiber sheets resist stretching and shrinking which guarantees shape retention. These sheets are wrinkle resistant,simply tumble dry on low and remove promptly. If extra softness is a requirement, once the dry cycle finishes remove promptly, iron with a warm iron and experience even greater softness. Made to fit all mattress types and sizes.

Created with fantastic colorfast qualities, microfiber sheets hold their true color for years to come and as an added benefit are also stain resistant. So pick that vibrant color and know that it will still be a good choice even after years of washing.

For those who suffer from allergies, another great advantage of microfiber sheets is their anti-allergenic quality. This is because the microfibers are created
from threads that are 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. The fineness of the microfiber strands prevent dust mites and other allergens from forming. Enjoy a more restful nights sleep on microfiber sheets.

Traditional cotton sheets are rated by thread count, microfiber sheets are rated by gram weight (GSM) and the higher the GSM, the higher the quality. Woven tightly and brushed to luxurious perfection, microfiber sheets are stronger and more able to withstand years of tossing and turning and these sheets are not just for adults, kids love them too. The brushed softness of the strands makes microfiber sheets feel like luxury bedding but at a fraction of the cost.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, July 24, 2015
They have traveled hundreds of miles to their destination. A comfortable place to lay their heads is all they want. Offering a piece of relaxation and comfort to those that are away from home is key in hospitality. They want cool, crisp, soft cotton next to their faces as they drift off to sleep. Whether he sleeps better on microfiber, or she sleeps better on percale, the perfect pillowcases can be found to purchase in bulk to supply hospitality locations. When sheets and pillowcases are bought wholesale, the entire facility can be supplied in comfortable bedding without too much effort. Everything will easily coordinate making it simple to dress the bed each day and each set will require the same care making the wash routine simplified for the housekeeping staff. Purchasing these products in bulk is also a more economical way to purchase bedding which will benefit the purchaser in the long run. Buying wholesale is the smart way to supply the bedding needs of any inn, motel, hotel, or rooming establishment.

The benefits to purchasing pillowcases wholesale and other bedding wholesale are not just limited to those offering hospitality, however. Hospitals, rehab centers, shelters and other places that require beds and need to offer the comfort of home while keeping their costs down can also benefit from this type of purchase. The frequent need to change pillowcases and other bedding at these types of places will require that the fresh, clean, linens are available in bulk even with a small number of beds. Buying these in bulk at wholesale prices is a way to be sure that the bedding will never run short and the residents will be able to continue to rest and recover without being inconvenienced.

When buying pillowcases and bedding wholesale a variety of available options will ensure the perfect fit for the type of establishment purchasing the products. High quality and softness will keep guests happy as they rest and sleep. Linens that have a long life, wash well, dry quickly and stay free from wrinkles will keep the management and housekeeping happy. Sweet dreams!

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Every restaurant needs an assortment of kitchen gadgets at wholesale prices in order to prepare meals for customers. Some of the tools needed for preparing meals include:

• Peelers – for peeling vegetables
• Graters – designed to grate cheese
• Can openers – made with sharp blades
• Spoons – slotted or solid for stirring ingredients
• Cutters – wheel designs to cut pizza
• Wire whisks – made to whip ingredients

Instead of wasting money ordering flimsy tools made of cheap metal and plastic, choose items composed of durable stainless steel. Bulk prices make it easy to order numerous tools needed for kitchen staff in medical facilities, restaurants, and schools. Because the tools are made of rust resistant metal that will not melt at high temperatures, it is easy to wash the items in hot water in either kitchen sinks or automatic dishwashers.

Avoid Cross-Contamination by Having Numerous Tools

Because health and safety codes for commercial kitchens require that all equipment used for meal preparation is cleaned thoroughly, ordering numerous spoons, graters and wire whisks is necessary. In addition, chefs must make sure to never cross-contaminate while cooking meals to avoid breaking sanitation laws, ruining food or causing an illness. Paying full retail prices for meal preparation supplies is not a good option because it decreases a business’s profits. By ordering in bulk at wholesale prices, a business also receives free shipping within the continental United States.

Online Ordering is a Simple Process

Ordering is easy with an online system that requests information such as an address and payment choice. Within a few days of making an order for kitchen gadgets at wholesale prices, the items are delivered to the address chosen. Items are packaged carefully along with an itemized purchase order that business managers can keep to document costs for tax purposes at the end of the year. A business owner might choose to use all of the tools at once or store extras until a later time. The most important reasons to buy kitchen tools in bulk from a well-known online store are to save time and money.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Purchasing white hand towels wholesale is easy thanks to the Internet. White hand towels are commonly seen in hospitality environments such as hotels, resorts, and wellness spas. They're also often seen in rental apartments and in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. People who are looking to buy sturdy white towels that will stay in good condition for a long time may benefit from looking for options that are made out of 100 percent cotton. Towels that are 86/14 polyester and cotton blends also often make good choices for shoppers.

Although wholesale hand towels are sometimes made in white without any designs, people can also readily purchase other types of options. Some of these towels have simple cam borders, for example. Cam borders are basic woven designs that are placed roughly one inch away from towel edges. These borders are generally highly inconspicuous. Dobby borders are also extremely common in hand towels. These borders feature flattened inset portions. Like cam borders, they're a form of edging.

Cleanliness is understandably a big factor in hospital and hotel environments. This is why many professionals who work in those types of settings prefer hand towels that are woven using shuttle-less looms. These kinds of looms help establish neater and tidier towel styles.

People who purchase white hand towels in bulk can get them in sets of 60, 120, 300 or more, for example. It depends on the specific hand towel vendor or manufacturer and what choices they have available. If a person works for a small hotel, he may choose to order a case of just 30 white hand towels. If he works for a big city branch of a large international resort hotel chain, on the other hand, he may choose to order a towel set that consists of 500 towels total. Luckily for shoppers, many towel vendors provide their customers with many convenient choices in case sizes.

Buying hand towels in bulk can be highly cost-effective for hotels and other types of workplaces. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, July 17, 2015
Businesses in many industries can benefit from a purchase of wholesale accent pillows. Not only can these stylish home decorator pieces be purchased at low prices for resale, but they can be added to furniture and decor stores to increase profits and as special offers with other purchases. Retail shops are not the only companies in which these cushions can improve offers. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and even nightclubs and lounges can ramp up their style as well.

Shapes, Styles, and Colors Galore

From square throw pillows for use on couches and chairs to long bolsters and everything in between, these decorator accessories can add color and style to an otherwise boring room. Matching colors from one room to the next can even create a more welcoming and cohesive style.

Retail Uses for Bonus Pillows

The low wholesale cost of these cushions means big profits for furniture and housewares shops. Not only can they be offered as products in their own right, but they can also be included with larger ticket purchases - such as couches and chairs - as a "free" bonus for a quick buy.

Even if you do not want to offer them for sale, the bright colored accent pieces can ramp up the style of your showroom floor and make customers feel more comfortable.

More Style for Comfortable Establishments

Bulk purchases of wholesale accent pillows offer hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, lounges and other hospitality businesses the opportunity to add style and comfort for less. A few throw pillows on the couch or chairs in a hotel room can turn just another room into a homey retreat. Bolsters at the end of a lounge at a trendy club can convince patrons to relax and let their hair down.

With wholesale pricing and plenty of styles to choose from, pillows and cushions offer a myriad of ways to ramp up the style of your business without breaking the budget.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Clients wanting to enjoy a professional massage treatment in a spa expect to recline on soft and comfortable tables. A massage table fitted sheet is one of the best investments that therapists can make to improve a client’s experience. Trying to improvise with flat sheets made for regular beds simple does not work because the items slip and slide from the top of a massage table. The newest trend for linens is high-quality microfiber content that offers a soft surface during a massage. A great bonus of microfiber instead of cotton is that it is faster to wash and dry in automatic machines.

Choose Linens that are Easy to Launder

By adding a dryer sheet, microfiber linens do not have static or wrinkles when removed from a dryer. Due to health regulations, spas must change linens on massage tables frequently to avoid contamination between clients. Spa managers must find affordable linens to maintain profit, and the best way to save money is by ordering bedding at bulk prices with a bonus of 100 percent free shipping in the continental United States. Choose fitted sheets for massage tables in the correct size by reading a product description carefully or contacting the online store for more information.

Make Sure Linens for Massage Tables are the Correct Size

Most tables used for massages in spas are made in a particular size that requires linens in this size:

• 74 inches long
• 32 inches wide
• 6-inch deep pockets

Also, verify that each massage table fitted sheet has covered elastic around its entire perimeter to ensure it remains on the mattress throughout treatments. When elastic is covered by durable fabric, it lasts longer and never frays despite numerous washing and drying cycles. Thick linens on massage tables offer a luxurious surface that provides comfort for clients who expect a soothing treatment with applications of emollient oils, scented creams, and fragrant lotions. After a massage is over, a massage therapist can change a dirty sheet quickly with fresh linens for the next client’s treatment.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, July 11, 2015
One of the smartest ways to help maintain a stylish, attractive dining room decor involves investing in easily cleaned wholesale faux leather placemats. These useful table top items speed cleanup following a meal. Additionally, they assist residents in recognizing their cutlery and meal items more readily.

A Widespread Dilemma

Today, most nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the United States furnish residents with a formal dining room at meal times. Since elderly and ailing populations tends to eat more slowly, this area typically remains filled with patients and their nursing care assistants for extended periods during the day.

Yet at the same time, for budgetary reasons, most care facilities hire a kitchen and dietary staff workers only for specific, limited hourly shifts. While nursing staff may seek to coax elderly patients to eat, often the kitchen staff seeks to clean off tables and dining items in order to prepare the scene for the next meal as rapidly as possible.

Assist Kitchen Staff 

Faux leather placemats provide a very helpful item in resolving uncertainty over available table space. They permit slower-eating residents to maintain control over their own dining area on the table, yet allow the personnel busing unfinished food and used cutlery, places and drinking glasses to determine easily which items should be removed.

Kitchen staff members won't feel as though they're seeking to clear away items before a resident has finished dining. They can easily determine which places should be bussed when a facility utilizes inexpensive wholesale placemats, without unintentionally disturbing residents who are still dining.

Greater Dignity For Disabled Residents

Wholesale placemats offer a second, perhaps even more important benefit, for the institutions which purchase them. Routinely using these table accessories may assist some residents in more easily identifying their own plates, silverware, and beverage cups.

Since not all patients require direct assistance from nursing care staff members in order to eat, residents who maintain a higher degree of independence will appreciate colored placemats designating individual table-settings. By assisting these patients in dining with greater dignity, the care center enhances their satisfaction with the dining room decor.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, July 10, 2015
For those businesses and organizations who require shower curtains, wholesale buying is the best option. Items like shower curtains often wear out over time, and this is true even when the products are quality made in the first place. In addition, showers in a community or private gyms and those in community pools are often needed in large numbers to begin with. Wholesale buying saves community pool organizers and gym managers a lot of time, energy, and money.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Shower Curtains

There are several things that you should think about when shopping around for wholesale shower curtains. 

1. Number of shower curtains needed

Keep in mind that when shower curtains are purchased in larger numbers, they are less expensive. The pricing for items like these is often done by increments. In other words, it is a general rule that the more shower curtains that are purchased, the less each one is going to cost. For this reason, the first thing that needs to be considered is how many curtains are needed. Remember to think big and think longterm. You may only need ten curtains for this season, but next season, you will need another ten, and you might as well purchase them for a less expensive price now.

2. Size

Size is a big consideration for shower curtains as showers are often different depending on where they are located. The best way to make an accurate purchase where size is considered is to take diligent measurements of each shower type beforehand and to talk with a sales representative about your buying options.

3. Color, style, and design

The last thing to consider is the color, style and design. Make sure to match the shower curtains to the style and design of the locker room or shower room that they are in for the most cohesive look.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Quality bedding is an issue that no hotel can afford to ignore. Ecosmart pillows provide a number of benefits that make them the clear choice for hotels and other hospitality-based businesses seeking to provide their overnight guests with a more comfortable and satisfying experience. Durably crafted and made from recycled materials, these pillows offer superior comfort and improved hygiene.

Superior Durability and Value 

Even small costs can quickly add up, especially for larger hotels that may have need of substantially more bedding. Pillows that use a down-alternative microfiber polyester cluster ball fill may last far longer than conventional options, providing hotels and other businesses that need to order their bedding in bulk with a far greater value. Pillows that have not been designed to last can lead to additional operational costs should hotels need to purchase frequent replacements.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean 

For many hotel guests, access to a safe and clean environment is often the most important concern when booking a stay. Using a fill made of artificial fibers and utilizing an antimicrobial treatment can provide superior protection from bacteria and other microorganisms. Machine washable, Down alternative pillows are designed to hold their shape through as many as 50 wash cycles which allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation.

Environmentally Sustainable Bedding 

Using recycled materials in the construction of pillows and bedding can reduce waste and help to protect the environment. Hotels that are seeking to create a greener and more environmentally friendly image may benefit from investing in environmentally-sustainable bedding. Pillow fills that utilize materials created from recycled plastics can offer a level of comfort and support comparable to traditional down pillows which will ensure that overnight guests are able to enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. While bedding may seem like a minor detail, investing in ecosmart pillows can be an important opportunity for businesses that are concerned about the environment.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, July 6, 2015
For those who are interested in towels for the home or an establishment like a hotel or medical spa, white towels are perfect. They will match everything, and they stay clean because they can be bleached if they have spills or stains.

Before purchasing any of these towels, it is important to know what types of towels are going to be needed ahead of time. Hotel owners and others should also know how many they will need in total. Generally speaking, the more towels that are necessary for the establishment, the lower the overall wholesale price will be. It might also be good to purchase backup towels.

Different Types of Towels

There are several different types of white towels offered by Palmetto Linen Distributors. First, there are value towels. These are great for hotel or motel use, but they might be slightly thinner than the other towels. The other towels are labeled as Royal hotel towels and Supreme hospitality towels. Both of these towel types are thick and fluffy, and they work well in speciality medical spas and fancy resort locations.

As a final note, keep in mind that establishment owners will need several different towels for each room. Bath mats will be required as well as washcloths, hand towels and body towels. Body towels come in several different sizes. Personal assistance is available for choosing what towels will work best.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Accent pillows offer a colorful and eye-catching way to add a little comfort to almost any interior environment. Making bulk purchases or electing to take advantage of the lower overall cost wholesale accent pillows may be able to offer means that improving your decor can be done without breaking the bank. From living room couches to reception couches and even office workstations, the right pillow can allow you to create a more comfortable space while improving the overall atmosphere of your environment.

Durable Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design 

A throw or accent pillow that has been poorly crafted or manufactured using substandard materials is rarely worth the cost of purchase. Investing in quality pillows will provide you with a colorful accent that is tough even for even high-traffic rooms and environments. Finding pillows that showcase a design and color scheme better suited to your existing or planned decor will allow can allow for a more comfortable, enjoyable and well-coordinated atmosphere. Investing in the best decorative items, such as accent pillows, can provide you with the perfect way to add a splash of color to rooms and areas that may feel stark, cold or unwelcoming.

Wholesale Purchases Offer Superior Savings 

Quality pillows and decorative items can often be found for a much lower price, provided you are willing to make bulk purchases. Purchasing your accent pillows wholesale can spare you the effort needed to match an eclectic collection of throws and accents as well as ensure that you have enough pillows for even the largest of rooms and areas. The versatile nature of an accent pillow means that they may be used in a greater number of environments and situations than you might have imagined, making wholesale purchases an ideal way to improve your household or workplace environment. Quality-made wholesale accent pillows make a fine addition to almost any decor or environment.

by: Palmetto Linen