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Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Quality bedding is an issue that no hotel can afford to ignore. Ecosmart pillows provide a number of benefits that make them the clear choice for hotels and other hospitality-based businesses seeking to provide their overnight guests with a more comfortable and satisfying experience. Durably crafted and made from recycled materials, these pillows offer superior comfort and improved hygiene.

Superior Durability and Value 

Even small costs can quickly add up, especially for larger hotels that may have need of substantially more bedding. Pillows that use a down-alternative microfiber polyester cluster ball fill may last far longer than conventional options, providing hotels and other businesses that need to order their bedding in bulk with a far greater value. Pillows that have not been designed to last can lead to additional operational costs should hotels need to purchase frequent replacements.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean 

For many hotel guests, access to a safe and clean environment is often the most important concern when booking a stay. Using a fill made of artificial fibers and utilizing an antimicrobial treatment can provide superior protection from bacteria and other microorganisms. Machine washable, Down alternative pillows are designed to hold their shape through as many as 50 wash cycles which allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation.

Environmentally Sustainable Bedding 

Using recycled materials in the construction of pillows and bedding can reduce waste and help to protect the environment. Hotels that are seeking to create a greener and more environmentally friendly image may benefit from investing in environmentally-sustainable bedding. Pillow fills that utilize materials created from recycled plastics can offer a level of comfort and support comparable to traditional down pillows which will ensure that overnight guests are able to enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. While bedding may seem like a minor detail, investing in ecosmart pillows can be an important opportunity for businesses that are concerned about the environment.

by: Palmetto Linen