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Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Clients wanting to enjoy a professional massage treatment in a spa expect to recline on soft and comfortable tables. A massage table fitted sheet is one of the best investments that therapists can make to improve a client’s experience. Trying to improvise with flat sheets made for regular beds simple does not work because the items slip and slide from the top of a massage table. The newest trend for linens is high-quality microfiber content that offers a soft surface during a massage. A great bonus of microfiber instead of cotton is that it is faster to wash and dry in automatic machines.

Choose Linens that are Easy to Launder

By adding a dryer sheet, microfiber linens do not have static or wrinkles when removed from a dryer. Due to health regulations, spas must change linens on massage tables frequently to avoid contamination between clients. Spa managers must find affordable linens to maintain profit, and the best way to save money is by ordering bedding at bulk prices with a bonus of 100 percent free shipping in the continental United States. Choose fitted sheets for massage tables in the correct size by reading a product description carefully or contacting the online store for more information.

Make Sure Linens for Massage Tables are the Correct Size

Most tables used for massages in spas are made in a particular size that requires linens in this size:

• 74 inches long
• 32 inches wide
• 6-inch deep pockets

Also, verify that each massage table fitted sheet has covered elastic around its entire perimeter to ensure it remains on the mattress throughout treatments. When elastic is covered by durable fabric, it lasts longer and never frays despite numerous washing and drying cycles. Thick linens on massage tables offer a luxurious surface that provides comfort for clients who expect a soothing treatment with applications of emollient oils, scented creams, and fragrant lotions. After a massage is over, a massage therapist can change a dirty sheet quickly with fresh linens for the next client’s treatment.

by: Palmetto Linen