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Friday, July 24, 2015
They have traveled hundreds of miles to their destination. A comfortable place to lay their heads is all they want. Offering a piece of relaxation and comfort to those that are away from home is key in hospitality. They want cool, crisp, soft cotton next to their faces as they drift off to sleep. Whether he sleeps better on microfiber, or she sleeps better on percale, the perfect pillowcases can be found to purchase in bulk to supply hospitality locations. When sheets and pillowcases are bought wholesale, the entire facility can be supplied in comfortable bedding without too much effort. Everything will easily coordinate making it simple to dress the bed each day and each set will require the same care making the wash routine simplified for the housekeeping staff. Purchasing these products in bulk is also a more economical way to purchase bedding which will benefit the purchaser in the long run. Buying wholesale is the smart way to supply the bedding needs of any inn, motel, hotel, or rooming establishment.

The benefits to purchasing pillowcases wholesale and other bedding wholesale are not just limited to those offering hospitality, however. Hospitals, rehab centers, shelters and other places that require beds and need to offer the comfort of home while keeping their costs down can also benefit from this type of purchase. The frequent need to change pillowcases and other bedding at these types of places will require that the fresh, clean, linens are available in bulk even with a small number of beds. Buying these in bulk at wholesale prices is a way to be sure that the bedding will never run short and the residents will be able to continue to rest and recover without being inconvenienced.

When buying pillowcases and bedding wholesale a variety of available options will ensure the perfect fit for the type of establishment purchasing the products. High quality and softness will keep guests happy as they rest and sleep. Linens that have a long life, wash well, dry quickly and stay free from wrinkles will keep the management and housekeeping happy. Sweet dreams!

by: Palmetto Linen