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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Every restaurant needs an assortment of kitchen gadgets at wholesale prices in order to prepare meals for customers. Some of the tools needed for preparing meals include:

• Peelers – for peeling vegetables
• Graters – designed to grate cheese
• Can openers – made with sharp blades
• Spoons – slotted or solid for stirring ingredients
• Cutters – wheel designs to cut pizza
• Wire whisks – made to whip ingredients

Instead of wasting money ordering flimsy tools made of cheap metal and plastic, choose items composed of durable stainless steel. Bulk prices make it easy to order numerous tools needed for kitchen staff in medical facilities, restaurants, and schools. Because the tools are made of rust resistant metal that will not melt at high temperatures, it is easy to wash the items in hot water in either kitchen sinks or automatic dishwashers.

Avoid Cross-Contamination by Having Numerous Tools

Because health and safety codes for commercial kitchens require that all equipment used for meal preparation is cleaned thoroughly, ordering numerous spoons, graters and wire whisks is necessary. In addition, chefs must make sure to never cross-contaminate while cooking meals to avoid breaking sanitation laws, ruining food or causing an illness. Paying full retail prices for meal preparation supplies is not a good option because it decreases a business’s profits. By ordering in bulk at wholesale prices, a business also receives free shipping within the continental United States.

Online Ordering is a Simple Process

Ordering is easy with an online system that requests information such as an address and payment choice. Within a few days of making an order for kitchen gadgets at wholesale prices, the items are delivered to the address chosen. Items are packaged carefully along with an itemized purchase order that business managers can keep to document costs for tax purposes at the end of the year. A business owner might choose to use all of the tools at once or store extras until a later time. The most important reasons to buy kitchen tools in bulk from a well-known online store are to save time and money.

by: Palmetto Linen