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Wednesday, August 5, 2015
People who are shopping for wholesale pot holders can explore many options by browsing Internet retailers. Many professionals purchase pot holders in bulk for kitchens in dining establishments, hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

Individuals who are looking to buy pot holders in bulk should review the materials of the products that interest them. Pot holders are often made entirely of cotton, for example, which is beneficial for durability. Pot holders are also frequently manufactured in a wide range of different colors. Since pot holders can quickly get dirty and take on a dull appearance regardless of how often they're washed, careful consideration of color selection is always important. Taupe is a type of grayish-brown that often works well in pot holders. Deep chocolate brown is yet another popular color option for purchasers of pot holders.

Designs for pot holders are typically simple and rather "no frills" in appearance. They often have basic square shapes, hemmed edges, and simple diagonal stitching. Hanging loops are generally attached to pot holders via sewing. People who wish to hang their pot holders when they store them benefit from this subtle feature.

Washing considerations are also vital for those who wish to buy pot holders in bulk. These items are often machine washable, with cold water being optimal. Tumble drying without any heat is also typically beneficial for pot holders. Professionals who work for businesses should think about their laundry facilities and equipment prior to making decisions about these kinds of purchases.

Size is yet another major component, especially as far as storage is concerned. Pot holders are often roughly 8 inches by 8 inches in size.

When people shop for pot holders in bulk, they can often choose between different case packs and sizes. Wholesale case packs for pot holders often include 96 of the item in total. If an individual is looking to purchase pot holders for a large hotel update, then he may want to buy several case packs all at once. If he's looking to purchase pot holders for a smaller bed and breakfast or youth hostel, on the other hand, a single pack may be suitable.

by: Palmetto Linen