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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Put an end to the debate between using a sponge or a dish towel. The dish towel is, by far, the preferred method for cleaning dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after a fine meal. There are several advantages to using a dish towel over using a sponge.

Dish towels soak up and transfer suds far easier than a sponge. This helps to reduce the amount of dish soap used per time dishes are washed as well. This also means that dishes are cleaned more thoroughly than with a sponge. Sponges can typically leave grease and other substances behind, but dish towels leave clean surfaces.

Dish towels are more economical than sponges. Dish towels can be used far more extensively than dish sponges despite the typical duration of time people use dish sponges. The reason is that dish towels are more easily cleaned. They can be washed in a washer machine. Dish towels are durable; however, they are thin, which allows dish towels to remain more sanitary than sponges. Sponges are known to harbor extensive germs. It is a myth that popping them into the microwave eradicates germs. Also, obtaining linen dish towels wholesale provides an excellent way to further reduce costs. 

Dish towels can be used after cleaning the dishes to clean all other kitchen surfaces. After a dish towel is used for dishes and cleaning the kitchen, it can be sent to launder. A new dish towel can be used, then, for the next use. It is best to use 100 percent cotton yarn to provide extensive quality. Using a new dish sponge every day is neither practical nor economical.

Dish towels can be easily cleaned and interchanged to provide a higher level of cleanliness in the kitchen. People tend to keep sponges around for a long period of time. They use the same sponges to clean the table and then clean dishes, which is unsanitary. However, using a clean dish towel to clean dishes and then clean other kitchen surfaces vastly reduces the amount of germs in the kitchen and the rest of the home. Dish towels nearly obliterate cross-contamination in the kitchen, if used correctly. The same cannot be said for sponges for their nature is to be reused amongst several dishes and surfaces.

Besides functionality, dish towels are more esthetically-pleasing to the eye. It’s a wonder why dish sponges were ever made to replace the dish towel when their performance is substandard to a dish towel.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, September 24, 2015
There are certain items people can purchase in bulk quantities. There are benefits to buying products in bulk if the person or business has a need for the specific product. White pillow cases could be a beneficial product to purchase in bulk for many types of business.

Businesses That Use White Pillow Cases

White pillow cases are a staple in any business where overnight accommodations are available. This would include, hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships and bed and breakfast inns. Not only do the pillow cases need to be changed after every use, but they sometimes even need to be discarded and replaced. In this instance, buying bulk white pillow cases would save the business time and money. Owners of these establishments do not want to waste their time waiting for new pillow cases to arrive when they have guests looking to rent rooms. Bulk purchases will ensure they always have enough pillow cases on hand to accommodate their guests.

Institutions That Use White Pillow Cases

Hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions and prisons all use the standard white cases for pillows. Some of these places are government run facilities with limited budgets. These facilities would save money by purchasing their pillow cases in bulk. They would also have a fresh supply of pillow cases readily available to help them prepare for any health and safety inspections they might have. The cases would be durable enough to withstand the heavy loads of laundering these places go through.

People That Use White Pillow Cases

People who sell craft items would benefit from buying bulk white pillow cases for custom designing. They could use these items to create custom monogrammed pillow cases to sell or give as gifts. In addition to monogramming the white pillow cases, they could also be screen printed or custom designed using iron-on transfer sheets. Personalized pillow cases would make a great item to sell for a start-up home-based business. The investment would be low because bulk items don't cost as much per piece as retail items.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Decorate a Room with Quilted Bolster Pillows

Everyone enjoys having a beautiful bedroom at home or while traveling, and with wholesale accent pillows, it is simple to accessorize a bed. A quilted bolster pillow is an essential decorative element for a bed in addition to providing comfort at night while sleeping. There are great ways to use a bolster pillow such as placing it at the head of the bed to create a firm surface to support an individual’s head and neck or in the middle of the bed to raise the knees into a bent position. A bolster pillow is also suitable for placing lengthwise in a bed to support the back when someone has an injury or chronic health condition.

Choose Bolster Pillows with Removable Covers

In the hospitality industry, a bolster pillow makes it easier for maids to change bedding on large beds that require several pillows to look attractive because the items are simple to stack or layer. A quilted bolster pillow is more durable than a smooth one because the stitching increases the fabric’s strength. It is possible to buy or sew pillowcases for bolster pillows to protect the surfaces, but the items also look beautiful without an extra cover. With a high-quality zipper on one of these pillows, it is simple for laundry staff to remove the microfiber cover to wash and dry it to keep it clean.

Order Different Colors to Create a Beautiful Bedroom

An assortment of quilted bolster pillows is available in different colors, including:

• Red
• Green Apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Espresso
• Chocolate
• Camel

When someone thinks about the ways to use the variety of colors of wholesale accent pillows available, it is possible to create hundreds of decorative effects in a bedroom. Quilted box stitched bolster pillows in a bedroom in a home or hotel provide a unique experience with an item to support the neck and head for restful sleep. Order bolster pillows in cases with a quantity of six to have extras available when guests visit or some of the covers are in the laundry.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, September 4, 2015
People who would like to buy wholesale white pillow cases have a lot of strong and dependable choices available to them. People tend to buy white pillow cases in bulk for business purposes. These kinds of simple and basic pillow cases are often necessary for use in hotels, resorts, nursing homes, hospitals and health spas, to mention some examples. If a person is employed in the hospitality industry or medical field, there's a strong chance that he or she regularly comes across classic white pillow cases on beds.

White pillow cases that are seen in these types of settings tend to be made using extremely strong and durable materials. This is because these pillow cases usually have to stay in good shape for several years at a time. Common materials that are used to produce white pillow cases are soft cotton and microfiber. Microfiber is a variety of synthetic yarn. There are many other options outside of just those two specific materials, as well. If businesses make the mistake of buying white pillow cases that are produced using weak materials, they could risk having to replace them frequently and therefore spending more money than they initially expected.

Wholesale white pillow cases typically are sold in cases. These cases often consist of 48 pillow cases, although this depends. Some of them consist of just 24 pillow cases total. Some of them, however, include as many 72 pillow cases. A small bed and breakfast owner may decide to purchase a case of just 24 white pillow cases, while a representative for a massive global hotel chain may opt to purchase several cases that have 72 of them.

When individuals purchase white pillow cases, they should assess the materials that were used to make them. Some materials that are used for pillow case production are particularly vulnerable to unsightly wrinkling, which isn't exactly great for most hospitality environments. People should also assess how washable the materials used to make pillow cases are. Lastly, they should assess drying speed. Microfiber pillow cases, for example, typically get dry at much higher speeds than cotton pillows.

by: Palmetto Linen