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Thursday, September 24, 2015
There are certain items people can purchase in bulk quantities. There are benefits to buying products in bulk if the person or business has a need for the specific product. White pillow cases could be a beneficial product to purchase in bulk for many types of business.

Businesses That Use White Pillow Cases

White pillow cases are a staple in any business where overnight accommodations are available. This would include, hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships and bed and breakfast inns. Not only do the pillow cases need to be changed after every use, but they sometimes even need to be discarded and replaced. In this instance, buying bulk white pillow cases would save the business time and money. Owners of these establishments do not want to waste their time waiting for new pillow cases to arrive when they have guests looking to rent rooms. Bulk purchases will ensure they always have enough pillow cases on hand to accommodate their guests.

Institutions That Use White Pillow Cases

Hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions and prisons all use the standard white cases for pillows. Some of these places are government run facilities with limited budgets. These facilities would save money by purchasing their pillow cases in bulk. They would also have a fresh supply of pillow cases readily available to help them prepare for any health and safety inspections they might have. The cases would be durable enough to withstand the heavy loads of laundering these places go through.

People That Use White Pillow Cases

People who sell craft items would benefit from buying bulk white pillow cases for custom designing. They could use these items to create custom monogrammed pillow cases to sell or give as gifts. In addition to monogramming the white pillow cases, they could also be screen printed or custom designed using iron-on transfer sheets. Personalized pillow cases would make a great item to sell for a start-up home-based business. The investment would be low because bulk items don't cost as much per piece as retail items.

by: Palmetto Linen