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Friday, September 4, 2015
People who would like to buy wholesale white pillow cases have a lot of strong and dependable choices available to them. People tend to buy white pillow cases in bulk for business purposes. These kinds of simple and basic pillow cases are often necessary for use in hotels, resorts, nursing homes, hospitals and health spas, to mention some examples. If a person is employed in the hospitality industry or medical field, there's a strong chance that he or she regularly comes across classic white pillow cases on beds.

White pillow cases that are seen in these types of settings tend to be made using extremely strong and durable materials. This is because these pillow cases usually have to stay in good shape for several years at a time. Common materials that are used to produce white pillow cases are soft cotton and microfiber. Microfiber is a variety of synthetic yarn. There are many other options outside of just those two specific materials, as well. If businesses make the mistake of buying white pillow cases that are produced using weak materials, they could risk having to replace them frequently and therefore spending more money than they initially expected.

Wholesale white pillow cases typically are sold in cases. These cases often consist of 48 pillow cases, although this depends. Some of them consist of just 24 pillow cases total. Some of them, however, include as many 72 pillow cases. A small bed and breakfast owner may decide to purchase a case of just 24 white pillow cases, while a representative for a massive global hotel chain may opt to purchase several cases that have 72 of them.

When individuals purchase white pillow cases, they should assess the materials that were used to make them. Some materials that are used for pillow case production are particularly vulnerable to unsightly wrinkling, which isn't exactly great for most hospitality environments. People should also assess how washable the materials used to make pillow cases are. Lastly, they should assess drying speed. Microfiber pillow cases, for example, typically get dry at much higher speeds than cotton pillows.

by: Palmetto Linen