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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Put an end to the debate between using a sponge or a dish towel. The dish towel is, by far, the preferred method for cleaning dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after a fine meal. There are several advantages to using a dish towel over using a sponge.

Dish towels soak up and transfer suds far easier than a sponge. This helps to reduce the amount of dish soap used per time dishes are washed as well. This also means that dishes are cleaned more thoroughly than with a sponge. Sponges can typically leave grease and other substances behind, but dish towels leave clean surfaces.

Dish towels are more economical than sponges. Dish towels can be used far more extensively than dish sponges despite the typical duration of time people use dish sponges. The reason is that dish towels are more easily cleaned. They can be washed in a washer machine. Dish towels are durable; however, they are thin, which allows dish towels to remain more sanitary than sponges. Sponges are known to harbor extensive germs. It is a myth that popping them into the microwave eradicates germs. Also, obtaining linen dish towels wholesale provides an excellent way to further reduce costs. 

Dish towels can be used after cleaning the dishes to clean all other kitchen surfaces. After a dish towel is used for dishes and cleaning the kitchen, it can be sent to launder. A new dish towel can be used, then, for the next use. It is best to use 100 percent cotton yarn to provide extensive quality. Using a new dish sponge every day is neither practical nor economical.

Dish towels can be easily cleaned and interchanged to provide a higher level of cleanliness in the kitchen. People tend to keep sponges around for a long period of time. They use the same sponges to clean the table and then clean dishes, which is unsanitary. However, using a clean dish towel to clean dishes and then clean other kitchen surfaces vastly reduces the amount of germs in the kitchen and the rest of the home. Dish towels nearly obliterate cross-contamination in the kitchen, if used correctly. The same cannot be said for sponges for their nature is to be reused amongst several dishes and surfaces.

Besides functionality, dish towels are more esthetically-pleasing to the eye. It’s a wonder why dish sponges were ever made to replace the dish towel when their performance is substandard to a dish towel.

by: Palmetto Linen