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Saturday, September 12, 2015
Decorate a Room with Quilted Bolster Pillows

Everyone enjoys having a beautiful bedroom at home or while traveling, and with wholesale accent pillows, it is simple to accessorize a bed. A quilted bolster pillow is an essential decorative element for a bed in addition to providing comfort at night while sleeping. There are great ways to use a bolster pillow such as placing it at the head of the bed to create a firm surface to support an individual’s head and neck or in the middle of the bed to raise the knees into a bent position. A bolster pillow is also suitable for placing lengthwise in a bed to support the back when someone has an injury or chronic health condition.

Choose Bolster Pillows with Removable Covers

In the hospitality industry, a bolster pillow makes it easier for maids to change bedding on large beds that require several pillows to look attractive because the items are simple to stack or layer. A quilted bolster pillow is more durable than a smooth one because the stitching increases the fabric’s strength. It is possible to buy or sew pillowcases for bolster pillows to protect the surfaces, but the items also look beautiful without an extra cover. With a high-quality zipper on one of these pillows, it is simple for laundry staff to remove the microfiber cover to wash and dry it to keep it clean.

Order Different Colors to Create a Beautiful Bedroom

An assortment of quilted bolster pillows is available in different colors, including:

• Red
• Green Apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Espresso
• Chocolate
• Camel

When someone thinks about the ways to use the variety of colors of wholesale accent pillows available, it is possible to create hundreds of decorative effects in a bedroom. Quilted box stitched bolster pillows in a bedroom in a home or hotel provide a unique experience with an item to support the neck and head for restful sleep. Order bolster pillows in cases with a quantity of six to have extras available when guests visit or some of the covers are in the laundry.

by: Palmetto Linen