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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Waterproof mattress liners will protect all mattresses from any body fluids and any other gross or sticky liquids that a cozy mattress routinely risks contact with.

The most common use would be from bed wetting. This is a medical condition that can affect both adults and children and is often fairly embarrassing for the patient, young or old.

This linen can also protect the mattress from bloody menstrual leakage. Menstrual leakage can also be extremely embarrassing for teenage girls and even older women, not to mention that it can stain a mattress. Stains on a mattress can void the warranty. The best way to keep from voiding the warranty is by using waterproof linen on all mattresses in a home.

Yet another usage would be in nursing home situations. They would protect the mattress from drool, urine, feces, blood, and sweat, and make morning clean up a breeze.

If used on a teenager’s bed and they spill their sticky and staining soda, their mattress would be protected, and they would not have to worry about letting it dry before getting back to an afternoon study session.

Another great place would be in a college dorm. A late night cram session with pizza and coffee could be disastrous to the mattress, but if the dorm mattress is preemptively protected, then there is not too much to worry about.

Furnished apartments are becoming more popular in cities. Keeping that mattress protected can be a pain and difficult without waterproof mattress protector, and if it is not protected, the lessee could lose their deposit.

Hotel bedding can be iffy and possibly gross if not protected, especially in budget hotels, but waterpoof mattress covers can help reduce the wear and tear on expensive mattresses. Waterproof linen has so many great and wonderful uses. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, October 15, 2015
The managers of hotels and motels need to order their supplies from hospitality wholesalers in order to save money and time. Depending on the size of the business, a manager may need to order a dozen or hundreds of items in bulk quantities. Fortunately, there are easy ways for managers to read the descriptions of various types of merchandise and also see the way each item looks with a full color photograph. Anyone caring for guests on a daily basis needs items in different categories including:

• Kitchen goods – gadgets, cookware and linens
• Bathroom goods – rugs, accessories and towels
• Bedroom goods – comforters, linens and pillows
• Laundry room goods – ironing board covers

Motels and Hotels Need Quality Goods

Quality goods are required for motels, hotels and other hospitality industries because the items are laundered or washed frequently. Health regulations require that the fiber items used in guest lodging establishments are sanitized at hot temperatures to destroy pathogens. Cookware and gadgets used in a commercial kitchen are also washed often to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. A chef in a commercial kitchen is required to use numerous utensils while preparing and serving food to prevent contamination. 

Photographs and Details of Items

The best hospitality wholesalers make it easy to shop for everything needed with drop-down menus to make selections of sizes and colors of products. Understanding how linens such as pillowcases, sheets and comforters coordinate is essential to make sure guest bedrooms look inviting, and a manager must know the dimensions of blankets and pillows to order the correct size. Managers must understand how everything is washed or laundered to ensure a business has the goods needed for guests.

Free Shipping

By ordering each type of good in a particular bulk quantity, a business manager enjoys knowing that the items are shipped quickly to the chosen address with the benefit of free shipping within the continental United States. Of course, if someone has a question about an item or requires assistance, then there is a salesperson ready at anytime to help.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Budget-conscious consumers are finally finding a way to experience the luxury of Egyptian cotton without breaking the bank.

Egyptian cotton has earned a reputation for being the softest and most comfortable cotton available, and rightfully so. Known as “The King Of Cotton”, premium Egyptian cotton sheets and blankets are well known for being both comfortable and durable. The extra-long fibers (or “staples”) of Egyptian cotton give fabric makers the ability to craft uniquely thin and strong strands. This in turn makes it possible to create Egyptian cotton sheets with high thread counts, some are even as high as 1000 threads per square inch.

Egyptian cotton is also an incredibly versatile material, and can be woven in different ways to produce different sensations. Sheets and blankets using a sateen weave provide a warm and cozy sleeping experience while percale woven sheets create a cooler softness for sleepers who get too hot at night.

Of course, quality can be expensive, and many people who want the premium experience of Egyptian cotton fabric, or who would like to give this unique experience as a gift, are put off by the price. In many stores, the cost of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and blankets can be more than double the price of other high-end cotton sheets, such as Pima cotton. This leads consumers to look for a way to enjoy the quality of Egyptian cotton at a lower cost.

Many of these consumers have turned to wholesale Egyptian cotton as a solution. Bed, bath, and housewares companies that cater to public institutions and private sector industries have learned to take full advantage of the internet, which allows them to cut costs and provide case-shipping to many places in the world. This modern approach gives consumers a new and exciting opportunity to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

The most important thing consumers interested in wholesale Egyptian cotton should research is the cost of shipping. This is to make sure that the money being saved isn’t being lost to any added fees. Free shipping, when available, is the best way to avoid these extra costs.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, October 2, 2015
In today's world of home decorating, the bathroom has become perhaps the most important room when it comes to making a home interior look great. However, while much thought usually goes into how the bathroom will look, the decision as to what patterns will be used has always been a dilemma. Because decorating trends come and go, the decision can be a hard one. While years ago plain colors were popular, today's bathrooms have a variety of styles and patterns in them, with stripes being one of the most popular looks at the moment. As a way to make a bathroom stand out, curtain fabric stripes on shower curtains have proven to be a trend preferred by many decorators.

Along with stripes, many of today's most popular shower curtains are made not to require hooks for installation. Not only does this make it easier to hang the curtain, but also does away with the hooks that many homeowners and decorators detest. Instead, the curtains have built-in shower rings that can snap into place on the curtain rod, making them very easy and quick to install. In addition to this, the shower curtains have now been made to be completely water repellent, which means no shower curtain liners are required.

Due to the popularity of curtain fabric stripes as a decorating trend, homes have not been the only places to capitalize on this current way of brining life to the bathroom. Many industries in the private sector, as well as public institutions such as colleges and universities, have started to use curtains with this pattern to modernize their facilities. Because places such as these are usually able to negotiate pricing on items, they can often save money by receiving the items at wholesale prices.

Whether it is a home or a public school or college, staying aware of current decorating trends such as these can go far in helping any building have a more modern look and feel. By using curtains such as these in bathrooms, taking a shower or shaving can suddenly have a much trendier feel.

by: Palmetto Linen