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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Budget-conscious consumers are finally finding a way to experience the luxury of Egyptian cotton without breaking the bank.

Egyptian cotton has earned a reputation for being the softest and most comfortable cotton available, and rightfully so. Known as “The King Of Cotton”, premium Egyptian cotton sheets and blankets are well known for being both comfortable and durable. The extra-long fibers (or “staples”) of Egyptian cotton give fabric makers the ability to craft uniquely thin and strong strands. This in turn makes it possible to create Egyptian cotton sheets with high thread counts, some are even as high as 1000 threads per square inch.

Egyptian cotton is also an incredibly versatile material, and can be woven in different ways to produce different sensations. Sheets and blankets using a sateen weave provide a warm and cozy sleeping experience while percale woven sheets create a cooler softness for sleepers who get too hot at night.

Of course, quality can be expensive, and many people who want the premium experience of Egyptian cotton fabric, or who would like to give this unique experience as a gift, are put off by the price. In many stores, the cost of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and blankets can be more than double the price of other high-end cotton sheets, such as Pima cotton. This leads consumers to look for a way to enjoy the quality of Egyptian cotton at a lower cost.

Many of these consumers have turned to wholesale Egyptian cotton as a solution. Bed, bath, and housewares companies that cater to public institutions and private sector industries have learned to take full advantage of the internet, which allows them to cut costs and provide case-shipping to many places in the world. This modern approach gives consumers a new and exciting opportunity to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

The most important thing consumers interested in wholesale Egyptian cotton should research is the cost of shipping. This is to make sure that the money being saved isn’t being lost to any added fees. Free shipping, when available, is the best way to avoid these extra costs.

by: Palmetto Linen