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Friday, October 2, 2015
In today's world of home decorating, the bathroom has become perhaps the most important room when it comes to making a home interior look great. However, while much thought usually goes into how the bathroom will look, the decision as to what patterns will be used has always been a dilemma. Because decorating trends come and go, the decision can be a hard one. While years ago plain colors were popular, today's bathrooms have a variety of styles and patterns in them, with stripes being one of the most popular looks at the moment. As a way to make a bathroom stand out, curtain fabric stripes on shower curtains have proven to be a trend preferred by many decorators.

Along with stripes, many of today's most popular shower curtains are made not to require hooks for installation. Not only does this make it easier to hang the curtain, but also does away with the hooks that many homeowners and decorators detest. Instead, the curtains have built-in shower rings that can snap into place on the curtain rod, making them very easy and quick to install. In addition to this, the shower curtains have now been made to be completely water repellent, which means no shower curtain liners are required.

Due to the popularity of curtain fabric stripes as a decorating trend, homes have not been the only places to capitalize on this current way of brining life to the bathroom. Many industries in the private sector, as well as public institutions such as colleges and universities, have started to use curtains with this pattern to modernize their facilities. Because places such as these are usually able to negotiate pricing on items, they can often save money by receiving the items at wholesale prices.

Whether it is a home or a public school or college, staying aware of current decorating trends such as these can go far in helping any building have a more modern look and feel. By using curtains such as these in bathrooms, taking a shower or shaving can suddenly have a much trendier feel.

by: Palmetto Linen