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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Order Pure White Washcloths

Fine restaurants and hospitality establishments must find high-quality washcloths for wholesale prices to earn a profit. Local health codes require frequent washing of bathroom washcloths to meet sanitation regulations. While the washcloths found in retail stores are often thin, hotel and health care business managers need absorbent cotton-rich materials in a large size that offers an elegant ambiance. The best color for washcloths used by guests is a pure white that is simple to launder in hot water with bleach and detergent. While bright colors can fade or develop spots from chlorine bleach, white cotton blends are sanitized thoroughly and stain-free after the washing and drying process.

Choose Colorful Washcloths

Some hotels prefer having colorful bathroom linens, and two of the most popular colors are bright blue and dark brown. These large washcloths are made of 100 percent ring-spun cotton in a larger size with an attractive border. A savvy business manager can combine these dark brown and bright blue washcloths with white washcloths with a dobby border to create a decorative element in a guest’s bathroom. By rolling the items, maids can place the washcloths in wicker baskets on bathroom countertops. It is also possible to layer the different colors of washcloths on towel racks located on the walls in showers or above toilets.

Washcloths for Fine Restaurants

Business managers are busy, and by ordering washcloths for wholesale prices in large cases, it is easy to have enough bathroom linens for guests. There are large cases of 300 cotton-rich white washcloths available or ring-spun cotton bright blue, crisp white or dark brown washcloths in cases of 120. While ordering new washcloths for a health care facility or hospitality establishment, make sure also to order coordinating hand and bath towels to ensure a guest’s room looks its best. The customers visiting fine restaurants also expect to have cotton washcloths and towels in the establishment’s restrooms instead of cheap paper towels. In finer restaurants, an attendant in the restroom is often responsible for providing washcloths to customers as they enter and leave.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Extra long vinyl shower curtains can come in very handy in residential bathrooms. If a person wants to enjoy a long and warm shower without having to worry about water splashing outside onto his bathroom floor, then investing in a vinyl shower curtain liner can be a very good idea. Splashing water can turn into a major mess in bathrooms. If an individual wants to be particularly cautious about preventing water from his shower from going outside, then purchasing an extra long shower curtain liner may make a sensible option, as well. When people buy shower curtain liners, they often can choose between "regular" and "extra long" length options. Although both lengths of shower curtain liners can be effective at keeping water inside of bathtubs, extra long options can be especially helpful for peace of mind.

Vinyl isn't the only material that's commonly used to make extra long vinyl shower curtain liners. Shower curtain liners are frequently made out of fabric. Thankfully, there are many washable fabric shower curtain liner products out there. These types of shower curtain liners are often produced using a kind of polyester that repels H20. This polyester is terrific for purposes of keeping both mildew and mold at bay. Since most people want to keep mildew and mold out of their bathrooms at all times, this material can be a wise choice.

Appearance-wise, vinyl shower curtain liners that are extra long run the gamut. They're often made in clean pale colors, specifically white and off-white. Many people like using white decorations in their bathrooms as a way of keeping a clean and tidy look. Vinyl shower curtain liners, in general, are made in a wide range of colors. Some of them are gray, deep brown or cream, for example. People often select shower curtain liners that complement their shower curtains beautifully. They also frequently select shower curtain liners that complement the rest of their bathroom's decor elements well.

10 gauge vinyl is a common component in many extra long shower curtain liners out there. This kind of vinyl is notable because it's extremely strong and flexible.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Order a Complete Set

Commercial kitchens must save money by buying aluminum pans at wholesale prices instead of paying retail prices. A set of cookware with eight pieces provides a variety of sizes and styles of pans to prepare different foods. To make washing cookware easier, a durable nonstick surface of Whitford Xylan is applied to the inside and outside of each pan. Chefs require two sizes of frying pans, two sizes of saucepans and a large Dutch oven to cook a variety of meals for customers.

Made of Durable Metal

This set also includes three clear lids for the saucepans and Dutch oven. These are not flimsy pots and pans that will bend and develop holes in the bottoms while cooking a meal. This set of cookware is made of heavy gauge aluminum metal to provide many years of enjoyment. Instead of ordering one set of this cookware, a bulk price store ships two cases so that a chef in a commercial kitchen has enough pots and pans to cook meals for restaurant guests.

Easy to Wash Cookware

Chefs like to use lightweight but durable aluminum cookware because it is easy to pick up and use all day and night in a busy commercial kitchen. Aluminum transfers the heat from an electric or gas stove quickly, making it fast to prepare a meal. With a nonstick surface on each one of these pans, it is easy to wash away substances such as scrambled eggs and sauces. Despite numerous washings, aluminum resists corrosion, making this cookware a great investment.

Sold at Bulk Prices

The best aluminum pans at wholesale prices have sturdy plastic handles to help chefs avoid burning their hands while cooking. The tightly fitting lids also have easy to grip handles that make it simple to lift the items to stir or lift ingredients inside the cookware. Anyone who has shopped for high-quality cookware knows that a set can cost hundreds of dollars, and to save money, businesses must find online stores that sell merchandise at bulk prices and ship purchases within the continental United States for free.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, November 6, 2015
A business needs to conserve the money they spend in obtaining supplies, to make a profit. Businesses that use towels on a regular basis can benefit from purchasing low-cost towels, which still meet their standards for quality. Among the different types of towels available to purchase bath towels usually cost the most, which is why a business will save money purchasing the cheap bath towels free shipping included.

Towels for the Hospitality Industry

Any business that caters to overnight guests will need bath towels. The low-cost towels available for hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast inns include those made of a durable cotton-polyester blend. The cotton keeps the towel soft while the polyester adds strength and durability. The variety of towels available to purchase includes hand towels, washcloths, full-size bath towels and terry bath mats. These towels are available in classic white, as well as in colors of deep blue and brown. Towel designs may differ slightly, with some having a mid-center border.

In addition to businesses that cater to overnight guests, there are also businesses that provide showers for their patrons. Fitness centers, gyms, and country clubs are a few of the places that provide bath towels for their patrons. These businesses will also save money purchasing the cotton blend towels at a reduced price. These towels are sold in bulk quantities to keep the total cost low. The more a business orders, the lower the price for each towel.

Towels for Care Facilities

Places that offer care, such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutions, go through a lot of bath towels. These facilities need towels designed to stand up to multiple laundering, which is why the cotton-polyester blends are perfect. To save money, these businesses can purchase the cheap bath towels free shipping included. The free shipping actually saves more money than people might think. When towels are purchased in bulk quantities for business purposes, the total weight of the purchase could be quite heavy. Shipping is calculated by weight, so the more towels purchased at a time, the more money saved on shipping costs.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, November 2, 2015
Shopping for wholesale comforter set options is important for many kinds of businesses. Wholesale comforters can come in handy for non-permanent housing facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts, for example.

When business representatives search for wholesale comforters, they should review many different considerations before they commit to any specific purchases. Size considerations, for example, are extremely important. Some businesses choose to buy especially large sets as a means of guaranteeing fits for all types of beds, including those that are equipped with pillow top mattresses.

These types of comforter sets typically are made up of four components. These components generally are a pair of pillow shams, a bed skirt and a comforter. Some comforter sets are larger and even more elaborate, however. Those kinds of comforter sets are often made up of seven components. The extra three parts typically are attractive accent pillows. It's important to note that these sets are always different and it's not possible to always anticipate their contents.

Buying cozy comforters in sets can be extremely convenient and easy for customers. Despite that, it's still vital for customers never to neglect to pay attention to the actual comforters that are part of the sets. If an individual is a hotel owner who is concerned about laundry matters, he should focus on suitable laundry processes for the comforters. Before he decides to buy any comforter set, he should make sure he's aware how to properly and safely wash the contents. Low-temperature settings on washing machines generally are good choices for comforters. Many comforters contain polyester fiber that minimizes the odds of clustering and gathering problems during the laundry process, as well.

Designs are yet another serious consideration for these sets. A comforter that may work beautifully in a hotel may not be suitable for use in a medical setting, for example. White and simplistic comforters often are smart options for healthcare environments. Comforters with intricate and elaborate designs, on the other hand, frequently work well in accommodations such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and resorts. There are always many aspects to consider.

by: Palmetto Linen