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Thursday, November 12, 2015
Order a Complete Set

Commercial kitchens must save money by buying aluminum pans at wholesale prices instead of paying retail prices. A set of cookware with eight pieces provides a variety of sizes and styles of pans to prepare different foods. To make washing cookware easier, a durable nonstick surface of Whitford Xylan is applied to the inside and outside of each pan. Chefs require two sizes of frying pans, two sizes of saucepans and a large Dutch oven to cook a variety of meals for customers.

Made of Durable Metal

This set also includes three clear lids for the saucepans and Dutch oven. These are not flimsy pots and pans that will bend and develop holes in the bottoms while cooking a meal. This set of cookware is made of heavy gauge aluminum metal to provide many years of enjoyment. Instead of ordering one set of this cookware, a bulk price store ships two cases so that a chef in a commercial kitchen has enough pots and pans to cook meals for restaurant guests.

Easy to Wash Cookware

Chefs like to use lightweight but durable aluminum cookware because it is easy to pick up and use all day and night in a busy commercial kitchen. Aluminum transfers the heat from an electric or gas stove quickly, making it fast to prepare a meal. With a nonstick surface on each one of these pans, it is easy to wash away substances such as scrambled eggs and sauces. Despite numerous washings, aluminum resists corrosion, making this cookware a great investment.

Sold at Bulk Prices

The best aluminum pans at wholesale prices have sturdy plastic handles to help chefs avoid burning their hands while cooking. The tightly fitting lids also have easy to grip handles that make it simple to lift the items to stir or lift ingredients inside the cookware. Anyone who has shopped for high-quality cookware knows that a set can cost hundreds of dollars, and to save money, businesses must find online stores that sell merchandise at bulk prices and ship purchases within the continental United States for free.

by: Palmetto Linen