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Friday, November 6, 2015
A business needs to conserve the money they spend in obtaining supplies, to make a profit. Businesses that use towels on a regular basis can benefit from purchasing low-cost towels, which still meet their standards for quality. Among the different types of towels available to purchase bath towels usually cost the most, which is why a business will save money purchasing the cheap bath towels free shipping included.

Towels for the Hospitality Industry

Any business that caters to overnight guests will need bath towels. The low-cost towels available for hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast inns include those made of a durable cotton-polyester blend. The cotton keeps the towel soft while the polyester adds strength and durability. The variety of towels available to purchase includes hand towels, washcloths, full-size bath towels and terry bath mats. These towels are available in classic white, as well as in colors of deep blue and brown. Towel designs may differ slightly, with some having a mid-center border.

In addition to businesses that cater to overnight guests, there are also businesses that provide showers for their patrons. Fitness centers, gyms, and country clubs are a few of the places that provide bath towels for their patrons. These businesses will also save money purchasing the cotton blend towels at a reduced price. These towels are sold in bulk quantities to keep the total cost low. The more a business orders, the lower the price for each towel.

Towels for Care Facilities

Places that offer care, such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutions, go through a lot of bath towels. These facilities need towels designed to stand up to multiple laundering, which is why the cotton-polyester blends are perfect. To save money, these businesses can purchase the cheap bath towels free shipping included. The free shipping actually saves more money than people might think. When towels are purchased in bulk quantities for business purposes, the total weight of the purchase could be quite heavy. Shipping is calculated by weight, so the more towels purchased at a time, the more money saved on shipping costs.

by: Palmetto Linen