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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Order Pure White Washcloths

Fine restaurants and hospitality establishments must find high-quality washcloths for wholesale prices to earn a profit. Local health codes require frequent washing of bathroom washcloths to meet sanitation regulations. While the washcloths found in retail stores are often thin, hotel and health care business managers need absorbent cotton-rich materials in a large size that offers an elegant ambiance. The best color for washcloths used by guests is a pure white that is simple to launder in hot water with bleach and detergent. While bright colors can fade or develop spots from chlorine bleach, white cotton blends are sanitized thoroughly and stain-free after the washing and drying process.

Choose Colorful Washcloths

Some hotels prefer having colorful bathroom linens, and two of the most popular colors are bright blue and dark brown. These large washcloths are made of 100 percent ring-spun cotton in a larger size with an attractive border. A savvy business manager can combine these dark brown and bright blue washcloths with white washcloths with a dobby border to create a decorative element in a guest’s bathroom. By rolling the items, maids can place the washcloths in wicker baskets on bathroom countertops. It is also possible to layer the different colors of washcloths on towel racks located on the walls in showers or above toilets.

Washcloths for Fine Restaurants

Business managers are busy, and by ordering washcloths for wholesale prices in large cases, it is easy to have enough bathroom linens for guests. There are large cases of 300 cotton-rich white washcloths available or ring-spun cotton bright blue, crisp white or dark brown washcloths in cases of 120. While ordering new washcloths for a health care facility or hospitality establishment, make sure also to order coordinating hand and bath towels to ensure a guest’s room looks its best. The customers visiting fine restaurants also expect to have cotton washcloths and towels in the establishment’s restrooms instead of cheap paper towels. In finer restaurants, an attendant in the restroom is often responsible for providing washcloths to customers as they enter and leave.

by: Palmetto Linen