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Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Extra long vinyl shower curtains can come in very handy in residential bathrooms. If a person wants to enjoy a long and warm shower without having to worry about water splashing outside onto his bathroom floor, then investing in a vinyl shower curtain liner can be a very good idea. Splashing water can turn into a major mess in bathrooms. If an individual wants to be particularly cautious about preventing water from his shower from going outside, then purchasing an extra long shower curtain liner may make a sensible option, as well. When people buy shower curtain liners, they often can choose between "regular" and "extra long" length options. Although both lengths of shower curtain liners can be effective at keeping water inside of bathtubs, extra long options can be especially helpful for peace of mind.

Vinyl isn't the only material that's commonly used to make extra long vinyl shower curtain liners. Shower curtain liners are frequently made out of fabric. Thankfully, there are many washable fabric shower curtain liner products out there. These types of shower curtain liners are often produced using a kind of polyester that repels H20. This polyester is terrific for purposes of keeping both mildew and mold at bay. Since most people want to keep mildew and mold out of their bathrooms at all times, this material can be a wise choice.

Appearance-wise, vinyl shower curtain liners that are extra long run the gamut. They're often made in clean pale colors, specifically white and off-white. Many people like using white decorations in their bathrooms as a way of keeping a clean and tidy look. Vinyl shower curtain liners, in general, are made in a wide range of colors. Some of them are gray, deep brown or cream, for example. People often select shower curtain liners that complement their shower curtains beautifully. They also frequently select shower curtain liners that complement the rest of their bathroom's decor elements well.

10 gauge vinyl is a common component in many extra long shower curtain liners out there. This kind of vinyl is notable because it's extremely strong and flexible.

by: Palmetto Linen