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Saturday, January 2, 2016
Preparing dormitory housing may require a bit of investment at first, but it can turn into a fun, profitable adventure. A groovy college dorm house will fill up quickly as each new semester begins. Many like-minded students will find a relaxed, brightly colored, hippy-inspired home to be the perfect rental property to fit their college lifestyles. As more and more students practice the loving culture and embrace the fun, bright decor of the 60's and 70's, the demand for happy communal housing increases.

Walls, Tapestries, and Curtains

For this type of inspirational, bright culture, plain white walls will never work. Instead, walls can be painted bright or light shades of greens, blues, reds, purples, and yellows. The variety of colors will invoke different moods, and offer a delightful change of scenery for the new tenants. Tapestries are making a comeback in these new-age psychedelic homes as well. These beautiful, large cloth posters can be used on walls, over windows, or over doorways. Printed curtains are also wonderful as well, allowing colored light to filter throughout the home.

Protective Rugs in High Traffic Areas

One of the cheapest and coolest forms of floor protection is the shag rug. Wholesale shag rugs are much more efficient than single rugs at department stores. Several can be purchased and placed all over the home in high traffic areas. These areas include dining areas, common areas, hallways, bathrooms, dressing rooms, bedroom doorways, and game rooms. Shag rugs come in a handful of colors and sizes allowing the decorator to find the proper rug for each spot in the home. They also keep feet warm during the winter, unlike the cold hardwood floors in older homes.

Plentiful Seating in Common Areas

Seating can be expensive when it is in the form of luxurious couches and recliners. Instead, bean bag chairs and floor cushions are a great alternative in common areas. They are much more hip among the younger crowds and allow for easier clean up during messy meals or household events. Bean chairs can easily be rearranged, moved, stored, and utilized as needed, unlike heavier furniture.

by: Palmetto Linen