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Friday, January 8, 2016
Many people seek information on where to buy bed bug covers for a mattress. An unprotected mattress can become home to hordes of parasites that not only devastate sleep but also cause extreme discomfort and unrest. Prevention is perhaps the best defense against infestation of bed bugs and other parasites. A protective bed bug cover for the mattress and pillow go a long way towards preventing the infestation from occurring in the first place. If homeowners are not careful about this, the infestation will only continue to grow, making it more challenging and costly to tackle the problem.

While some people place their mattresses and pillows out in the sun as a means of stopping bed bugs, the practice is largely insufficient in preventing an infestation. On the other hand, protective covers for the pillow and mattress of every bed in the house will not only control any parasites that have already infested the house but also prevent further growth of the epidemic.

A variety of protective covers is available for bed bug control. The most effective solution is a zippered encasement that is especially designed to control and prevent the infestation.

Infestation is predicted to increase year after year. Used furniture and increased foreign travel are some of the top reasons for the spread of bed bugs and other pests. One common misconception is that pests will only infest unkempt homes. Bed bugs can appear anywhere they find a food source, including the tidiest homes.

The other problem with pest infestation is that the further the treatment is delayed, the more expensive it gets to tackle the situation. For this reason, most bed bug control experts recommend preventative measures, such as mattress covers as the most effective way of controlling the solution.

Where to Buy Bed Bug Covers for a Mattress?

Adequate research should be performed before selecting a bed cover that is suitable for a home. It is important to get the right-sized covers for pillows and mattresses. Look for covers that are engineered for infestation control. Rigorous tests are performed on these covers to ensure that they are bug and bite proof.

Price is another important factor that must be considered when shopping for bed bug covers. A wholesale linen distributor specializing in bed bug covers is a good option to look for the protective covers on a budget.

by: Palmetto Linen