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Friday, February 19, 2016
A business owner must find ways to save money while operating a hotel, and buying washcloths for wholesale prices is a thrifty choice. Bathroom linens are an essential part of a guest’s experience while staying overnight in a hotel, but absorbent washcloths make a great impression. The cleaning staff in a hotel must change bathroom linens daily, and that means that a manager needs to buy washcloths in large quantities. Because the merchandise requires less packaging, ordering bathroom linens at bulk prices is more affordable. The bonus of bulk-priced bathroom linens is that the items are still top-notch quality with beautiful fabrics and colors. 

Hotel Guests Expect High-Quality Bathroom Linens 

When a guest is considering staying at a hotel, they may want to inspect a room first to check its cleanliness and decorative ambiance. Seeing an attractive bathroom with gorgeous linens can lead to a guest wanting to book a stay in a hotel for more than one night. Guests want to have thick and luxurious bathroom linens after a long day of sightseeing in a new city. Each day that a guest remains in the same hotel, they expect to have a maid replace the bathroom linens with freshly laundered items. To ensure a guest’s room is attractive throughout their stay, all of the bathroom linens must have the same quality and color.

Choose White or Colorful Washcloths

Health code regulations require that hotels sanitize bathroom linens in hot water with chemicals and dry the items at a high temperature to ensure all pathogens are destroyed. In order for a hotel to have bathroom linens that can withstand numerous washing cycles, it is imperative to buy items that are made of durable fabrics. Many hotel managers opt to purchase only white bathroom linens that are made of cotton-rich fibers that remain soft after being washed on a daily basis. Of course, to create a decorative effect in hotel rooms, it is also possible to order large quantities of washcloths in colors such as blue, brown or green.

by: Palmetto Linen