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Thursday, March 17, 2016
Hotel managers must order a lot of bed linens for their guests’ rooms, and there are several important tips for selecting the best bedding. Hospitality bedding used in hotels must have:

• Durability
• Comfort
• Affordability
• Bulk packaging
• Simple laundering
• White fabrics

One: Durability 

To avoid buying new bedsheets, pillowcases and duvets frequently, it is important to find high-quality linens that are designed to last for many years. Instead of buying thin bedding, it is essential to find thick and long-lasting flat and fitted bedsheets in a variety of sizes.

Two: Comfort

Guests staying at hotels expect to enjoy comfortable bedding that feels soft and luxurious against their skin. A hospitality manager can choose to buy pillowcases and bedsheets that are made of traditional percale or modern microfiber fabrics.

Three: Economical 

It is vital for hospitality managers to find economically priced bedding for guests’ rooms to maintain their business’s profits. To find the lowest prices on pillowcases and bedsheets, a manager must look for a commercial bed linen distribution company.

Four: Sold in Bulk

Rather than buying fitted or flat bedsheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in individual packages, it is a good idea to order from a company that ships items in bulk packaging. Bulk packaging makes it faster to order bedding and to cope with the packaging materials after the items are shipped. 

Five: Easy to Launder

Hotels must wash bedding in hot water and dry the items at a high temperature in order to eliminate pathogens. In order to have pillowcases and bedsheets that remain in excellent condition, the fabrics must permit using high temperature laundry settings and require little ironing.

Six: White Fabrics

Basic plain white or white stripe linens are the preferred colors for the hospitality industry because it is easy to add chlorine bleach to the washer to sanitize the fabrics. When bedding such as bedsheets and pillowcases are white, it is easier to use an assortment of different color bedspreads, comforters or accent pillows to create an attractive ambience in the guests’ rooms.

by: Palmetto Linen