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Friday, May 20, 2016
Meet Hotel Guest’s Expectations

Anyone who is a business manager for a hotel needs to have large quantities of high-quality commercial bed linens. A lot of bedding is required in order to change the sheets and pillowcases frequently in a hotel to meet a guest’s expectations. Hotel managers often want to order bulk quantities of white pillowcases and sheets because the items are easier to wash in hot water that contains bleach. However, it is also possible to order attractive colors to create a unique ambiance in a guest’s room.

Durable Stitching and Strong Fabric

In the hospitality industry, the local health codes require that a business manager has a hotel room’s bedding changed between guests in their establishments to eliminate dangerous pathogens. While a homeowner might remove and wash their bed linens once a week, a hotel’s housekeeping staff changes the sheets and pillowcases each morning after a guest leaves the establishment. Because bedding such as fitted or flat sheets is washed more often, it needs to have durable stitching and strong fabric.

Percale or Microfiber Fabrics

A hotel business manager may want to purchase basic bedsheets and pillowcases or might want to invest in heavier and softer linens that are more luxurious. Today, microfiber is considered the affordable choice for the hospitality industry, but a hotel manager can also find deluxe percale bedsheets at low-cost bulk prices. Microfiber is a soft synthetic yarn that creates sheets and pillowcases that dry quickly in a hot dryer.

Stamped with the Sizes

Alternatively, percale material is a finely-woven polyester or cotton fabric that is used to make a thicker bedsheet or pillowcase, and this type of bedding is essential in the most exclusive hotels. After the percale commercial bed linens are washed, the fabrics require a longer amount of time to dry, and the items may require ironing by housekeeping staff to remove wrinkles. To help a hotel’s employees make beds, it is important for hotel managers to order bedding that is stamped with the item’s size in waterproof ink.

by: Palmetto Linen