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Friday, July 15, 2016
Although they may seem trivial, crisp collars, fitted bodices, and asymmetrical hemlines are among the details that turn functional body coverings into fashion designs. When any one of these components is ill-fitting, stained or wrinkled, a treasure from the House of Dior can quickly become a dreaded disaster. Fortunately, all it takes to keep most clothing looking its best is proper cleaning and ironing. Other than a trip to a dry cleaner, iron, and an ironing board may seem to be all that is needed to achieve a neat, freshly pressed look. There are, however, three major issues to consider when using an ironing board.

Firstly, an ironing board becomes damp as it's used. Iron-dampened clothing wastes valuable time spent drying and ironing clothes another time. Moreover, delicate silks and other fine fabrics can even sustain unsightly, permanent water damage. Thankfully, a simple ironing board cover can help prevent this problem by absorbing moisture before it gets into clothing.

Another issue with ironing is that it can stain the ironing board and clothing. In addition to ruining the appearance of clothing, a stained ironing board is an unsanitary one. Covering the ironing board is a quick and easy means of preserving clothing and health; simply clean or replace the cover when it becomes stained rather than replacing the whole board. There are even ironing board covers made from special stain-resistant fabrics. Buying ironing board covers wholesale a cost-effective way to ensure the ironing board is always covered.

Finally, a standard ironing board can be a fire hazard. This can be true whether the ironing board is covered or not. Reduce this safety risk by using an ironing board cover manufactured from high-tech, scorch the resistant fabric. Taking a few moments to select an ironing board cover made from stain and scorch resistant fabric will ensure sanitation, safety, and style.

by: Palmetto Linen