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Thursday, July 14, 2016
A change of seasons brings with it a need or desire to update the home. Sometimes big sweeping changes are in order, while other times, simple, subtle changes are all that are needed to bring the seasons into the home. A change of the coverlet and quilts, pillows, and bed skirts are simple, effective ways to give a bedroom an updated look or splash of color that brings it into the current season.

Coverlets and Quilts

Coverlets come in many colors, designs, and styles that can accentuate room d├ęcor while giving it a seasonal flare. Add a dark, folded coverlet to a winter white quilt and create a dramatic, minimalist look that can calm the warm summer months. Calm cool-toned walls, with a warm neutral quilt that hints at the comfort of summer even in the chill of winter.


Once a base color has been established with a coverlet or quilt, add pops of color with pillows. Pillows are the perfect way to give a bed depth and texture. Think creatively about how to layer and integrate colors of the season. Mix colors with different shapes and sizes to add dimension and interest. The same pillows can be used with various quilts as the seasons change. For example, chocolate brown pillows can be utilized as an accent to a sage green quilt in the summer, while creating a monotone look with a beige quilt in the winter.

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is a more permanent accessory to a room because it 's hard to change out. However, having more than one style or color on hand can provide the options needed to alter the overall feeling of a room. Sleek tucks at the corners provide a minimalist vibe while gathers add a casual air. Match the color of the quilt or coverlet with the bed skirt for a modern monochromatic look. A bed skirt in a complementary color will create layers and dimension.

Color and layers can effectively add dimension to an otherwise bland room. Using a few simple changes, the style and feel of a bedroom can be altered to fit any season.

by: Palmetto Linen