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Thursday, August 25, 2016
When someone visits a day spa, he or she might want to have a massage while reclining on a soft table. An aesthetician will want to protect the table’s thin mattress with flannel massage sheets that are easy to wash and dry between clients. 

It is possible to find flat or fitted flannel sheets that are the perfect size for massage tables, and an aesthetician can also choose attractive colors such as white or camel.

In some cases, a day spa will have extra-long massage tables for taller clients, and it is easy to find longer flannel sheets that will fit properly.

Customers love relaxing on soft-brushed flannel fitted sheets in the wintertime to remain warm, and an aesthetician can drape a client with a flat sheet for privacy during a massage.

100 percent cotton is what these specialized Massage flannel sheets are made of, and this is a fiber that seldom leads to allergic reactions such as itchy skin or sinus congestion. When an aesthetician chooses flannel massage sheets that have soft fibers on both sides, it is easy to place a fitted sheet on the massage table or to toss a flat sheet over a client. At Hot Temperatures stains can be removed from Flannel Sheets.

Some day spas only want to use flannel sheets in the winter. However, some clients enjoy the soft feel of the fibers and would be an excellent idea for an aesthetician to offer this style of sheet year-round.

Each flannel fitted sheet has an elastic edging that makes it easy to place on a massage table, and the flannel fitted sheets have wide hems. Buying commercial flannel sheets for massage tables is a great investment because the items will stay in perfect condition despite multiple wash and dry cycles in hot temperatures.

Bulk quantities of massage table sheets are less expensive, and customers can order 12 flat or flannel fitted sheets to have enough for an entire day’s worth of clients.

by: Palmetto Linen