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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Items Available From Commercial Linen Suppliers

Hospitality managers need to have long-lasting linens for their commercial kitchens along with the guests’ bedrooms and bathrooms. There are several benefits from commercial linen suppliers, including free shipping, bulk quantities and full-color photographs of products. Motels and hotels require numerous varieties of linens to provide essential services to guests. Here are some of the types of linens that are sold by commercial supply companies.

1: Bed sheets

The housekeeping staff in a hotel must change the bed sheets between guests to provide a clean bed. The beds in guests’ rooms have different sizes of mattresses, including twin, queen, and king. In addition to selecting the correct size of bed sheets, managers must have fitted and flat sheets. It is important for these sheets to have labels with the size to make it easier for housekeepers to make the beds. Some hotels prefer having white sheets that are easier to wash in hot water while other hospitality establishments prefer using blue or tan sheets.

2: Bathroom Linens

Guests expect to have an assortment of soft bathroom linens in a bathroom, including bath towels and washcloths. Some hospitality establishments want to use decorative towels that are made in beautiful colors such as blue or tan, but pure white towels are easier to wash and dry on a frequent basis. All of the towels in a hotel or motel require changing between guests, and that means that a hospitality manager must order huge boxes of bathroom linens.

3: Kitchen Linens

When a motel or hotel has a commercial kitchen to provide meals for its guests, the chefs and waitstaff must have clean linens for preparing and serving food to guests. Some of the items required for hospitality kitchens include dishcloths and dish towels. Having many kitchen linens is the best way to make sure that a hotel’s employees have access to clean items to avoid contaminating surfaces. Government authorities inspect hospitality kitchens on a routine basis to ensure that the surfaces are clean to ensure a hotel’s guests are not exposed to dangerous pathogens.

by: Palmetto Linen