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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Why One Should Invest in a Washable Entry Rug

Home decor is a fascinating thing. It is diverse, functional, and can often transform the entire look of a home. In recent years, home decor has stopped restricting its self to beautiful vases and rugs that serve no real purpose and has taken up a more practical approach. From reducing the amount of time spent cleaning to the extent that one might renovate their homes, individual decor elements cut home duties virtually in half. Washable entry rugs, for example, add picture-perfect functionality to every home they occupy.

The Versatility of a Washable Entry Rug: Where to Put It?

First and foremost, what makes these rugs washable are the materials of which they consist. From microfiber to shag to even latex, these floor covers are cleanable in a multitude of manners. What makes them so great, though, is the fact that they can go virtually anywhere.

Rugs tend to come in a vast array of colors, which makes them ideal for all tastes and all decor themes. The front entryway, bathroom, kitchen and even outside are all great places to stick one of these rugs as they embrace hospitality and soak up any unsightly spills.

Delving Deeper: The Benefits of These Floor Covers; Why Buy Them?

Which points of a home receive the most foot traffic? The bathroom, kitchen, and front door, of course! As a result, it is important to ensure that there is something to absorb any excess liquid, dirt, or bacteria. In the bathroom, these rugs will tie into the general decor while concurrently soaking up water from the shower. When placed by the sink in the kitchen, any spill from washing dishes is soaked up along with any debris dropped during the cooking process. When put in the entryway of the home, the outdoor elements will remain outside and not dirty the inside. Washable rugs are hypoallergenic, a factor that improves the state of health for all residents of the home, too.

Conclusively, washable rugs are simple to clean. By sticking one in a washing machine or running it under the sink with mild soap and water, these rugs reduce the time someone would spend mopping up muddy footprints, soaking up water, and sweeping up pet fur or dust.

by: Palmetto Linen