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Friday, October 28, 2016
Finding The Right Linens And Home
Linens are an essential part of any space. A soft, high threat count down comforter can help make sleeping much easier and cozier each night. A lovely linen tablecloth can bring out elegance and sophistication in any dining room. Thoughtful throws and throw pillows can also help make the living room couch in any hotel lobby feel even more inviting on a cold winter day. Finding quality linens for a hotel space is an essential task. Each choice should be carefully considered to help make the space feel like home for those staying there even on a temporary basis. The right linen choices for any specific space will depend on multiple factors. A small hotel owner will have different linen needs than someone who manages a much large chain hotel with many rooms. 

Durable. Lightweight Products 
One of the most important factors when looking for linens and home is to find products that are durable and will stand the test of time. Many hotel managers know that they need to have linens for their rooms that can withstand heavy use. They also know that they need linens that are easy for cleaners to lift and put away. Durable, lightweight products are items that can help make it easier for people to clean. Linens that made from lighter weight materials are those that can help add a special feeling of softness and light during the warmer summer months. They can also help make guests cared for as they know they have an additional layer during the colder months. 

Getting Expert Advice 
Many hotel managers and owners aren't always sure where to begin to buy the products they know they need. In that case, expert advice is useful. An expert can help them figure out why a given type of bed linen, pillow case or duvet might help them deliver better services to their clients. They can also help the hotel owners figure out what colors will be right for their spaces. With their help, any owner can have a supply of linens on hand at all times all throughout the year. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Choose Thick Comforters for a Home’s Beds 

With winter on its way, more shoppers are thinking about staying warm at night while they are sleeping. Having a thick wholesale bed comforter can keep someone warm during the coldest winter temperatures. In addition to using a comforter on a bed, it is possible to keep one on a living room couch or chair to provide extra warmth while watching television. Buying several comforters for the beds in a home is essential to make it easier to wash and dry the bedding between uses. Keeping bedding sanitized on a routine basis helps everyone to avoid the contamination from skin flakes or perspiration.

Select Washable Comforters

Comforters provide extra warmth because the items have multiple layers of fabric with an insulating layer of soft fiberfill. The trendiest comforters are made of beautiful microfiber fabric that will wash easily and dry quickly. Also, the insulating fiber fill is hypoallergenic to help everyone avoid uncomfortable reactions such as sneezing or a stuffy nose. Shoppers won’t need to worry about the insulating fiberfill clumping or shifting between the layers of a comforter’s microfiber fabric, and over sized comforters are the best choice because it makes it easier to cover the pillows at the top of the bed. Ordering comforters from an online store could become expensive because the items are bulky, but it is possible to find a retailer that offers 100 free shipping and handling.

Decorate With Attractive Comforters 

A wholesale bed comforter can make a statement in a room when it is made of attractive and colorful fabrics. Look for bedding that designed with narrow or wide stripes in colors such as blue, tan and brown to give a bedroom a gorgeous ambiance. Alternatively, shoppers may want to buy matching comforter sets for their beds instead. Some sets might contain multiple pieces that include a dust ruffle, pillow shams and accent pillows in these colors:

• Dark brown, tan and white
• Black, gray and white
• Beige, brown and tan

Thick comforters or comforter sets also make excellent gifts during the holiday season.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Restaurants Require Numerous Beautiful Table Linens 

Restaurants need to have a lot of tablecloths and place mats for the tables where guests will sit to consume their meals. To save money, a restaurant manager must find wholesale table linens. According to health and sanitation laws, a restaurant must change its table linens after customers leave a table. To keep the linens clean, a restaurant manager will wash the items in hot water and dry the fabrics at a high temperature.

Table Linens Are Available in Many Colors

In addition to having cloth tablecloths and fabric place mats, a restaurant manager may want to use cloth table napkins rather than paper napkins. To have an attractive ambiance in a restaurant, the colors of the table linens should match or complement each other. Some of the colors of table linens that a restaurant manager might want to use include:

• French vanilla
• Sandalwood
• Black
• Burgundy
• Hunter green
• White
• Chocolate
• Camel
• Ivory

Choose the Correct Size Tablecloth or Place Mat

To ensure that tablecloths fit a restaurant’s tables correctly, a manager needs to know the dimensions of the items. Tablecloths are available in different shapes such as round, square or rectangular, and some restaurants require matching tablecloths in a variety of sizes and shapes to have an attractive appearance.

Cotton and Faux Leather Table Linens

Cotton fabrics are the best choice for table linens because the materials are easy to wash and dry. These types of table linens seldom have wrinkles, making it simple to change the items on a table. Some restaurants will want to have faux leather placemats to use alone on tables or to use on top of a tablecloth.

by: Palmetto Linen

The Importance of Matching Cookware Sets

When a chef needs new skillets and saucepans for their commercial kitchen, it is important to save money by shopping for wholesale cookware. Anyone who shops for high-quality pans and pots knows that the items are expensive when the items are purchased as separate pieces. The best way to buy cookware is in sets, and chefs must have more than one set to have extra pieces for cooking multiple meals. Having matching sets can help to make a kitchen look more attractive, and it is also easier to use different lids on the assortment of skillets or saucepans.

There Are Different Cookware Sets Available 

There are three types of cookware sets to choose from to prepare a variety of foods, including:

• Nonstick cookware – eight pieces such as frying pans and a Dutch oven
• Stainless steel – seven lightweight pieces that include glass lids
• Stainless steel – heavyweight pans with vented glass lids

By having several sizes of pans and pots to prepare small or large quantities of delicious recipes, chefs can save money on their utility costs, and these cookware pieces have encapsulated bottoms that will distribute the heat evenly from an electric or gas stove’s burners.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel Cookware Is Easy to Clean

Stainless steel and aluminum cookware will last for many years, and chefs can wash the items in a sink with hot water and dish detergent or inside a commercial dishwasher. Cleaning these pieces of cookware in hot temperatures will not harm the metal exteriors, glass lids or plastic handles. Chefs can allow the pans to air-dry, or they can use absorbent towels to dry the cookwar

Save Money with Wholesale Pans and Skillets 

Buying wholesale cookware is an important way for a business owner to remain on a strict budget, and the companies that sell these pots and pans can offer lower prices because the owners have mass quantities of goods stored in warehouses. The lower price for the skillets, saucepans, and Dutch ovens are passed on to a customer, and in many cases, free shipping included. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, October 2, 2016
Towels are a necessity in any hotel and most rental properties. The quality of the towels is going to have a real impact on the experience of guests. Several tips will help when picking wholesale towels for a hotel or other property.

Cotton or Cotton Blends Are Best

The best towels for a hotel or rental property contain cotton. This could be a simply spun cotton weave or a cotton-poly blend. Cotton has the primary advantage of durability. It will easily withstand regular laundering without tearing or other problems. Another benefit is that cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable. Guests will notice the difference in quality when using real cotton towels. A final advantage is that cotton can be a selling point in advertising for the property.

White Towels Are Easiest To Deal With

The reality is that wholesale white sheets are the easiest to deal with when compared to other colors. This might seem counter intuitive to some people. One of the main reasons that white towels are easy to deal with is because they are simple to launder. They make it possible to use a variety of bleach products or other strong cleaners to remove even the toughest stains. Another point to consider is that white towels are easy to match with any decor.

Look at the Borders

It will help to look closely at the borders of the towels before making a wholesale purchasing decision. There are two primary choices. Dobby borders have intricate design work inside. These borders can add a level of elegance to the property. They do not match every environment, however. Cam borders are tightly woven and flat. They are a type of generic border. Cam borders are more durable but look dull.

by: Palmetto Linen

Finding first-rate wholesale flat sheets on the Internet isn't as difficult as one may think at first. There are a good number of online businesses that specialize in linen distribution. People who work for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, nursing homes, and boarding schools can depend on these kinds of online retailers.

These stores frequently simplify the process of shopping for wholesale flat sheets. They feature in-depth listings and clear photographs of the flat sheets that are for sale. These sheets typically come in a broad range of different colors. They're often white, off-white, navy blue or cream in color, however.

Shoppers don't have to determine whether they want to purchase flat sheets just by their appearances. They can also decide if they want to buy sheets by assessing their materials. These sheets are made using a wide range of sturdy and durable materials. Double brushed microfiber is just one example of a durable material that's frequently seen in the flat sheet universe. If a hotel owner is looking to purchase top-tier flat sheets for future guests who reserve rooms or suites at his establishment, he may want to invest in double brushed microfiber sheets for all beds.

It can also help shoppers to look for flat sheets that can maintain attractive and neat appearances for extended periods of time. Wise shoppers frequently opt to buy crease resistant finished sheets. These sheets can be beneficial for people who want to do away with unsightly and persistently wrinkling. If a busy bed and breakfast owner doesn't want to have to worry about unattractive sheet crinkling deterring guests, crease resistant finished sheets may be ideal for him.

Wholesale businesses that specialize in flat sheets make it easy for customers to locate prices. If a hotel representative is looking for wholesale sheets that are both affordable and economical, he should have an abundance of strong choices. If a hotel representative isn't too concerned about sheet price, he should have just as many solid options. Finding excellent and reliable flat sheets on the Internet can be a quick and stress-free project.

by: Palmetto Linen